Celexas Review – Will it Work For You?


Erectile dysfunction affects nearly 30,000 men in the United States. There are a number of causes to erectile dysfunction, the most common being nerves, low testosterone levels, aging, or other bodily issues.

When you suffer from erectile dysfunction, not only does your member fail to stand properly, but you also experience poor orgasms, a lower ability to perform, and a softer erection. If you are like most men suffering from erectile dysfunction, you’re looking for a long-lasting and reliable solution. Fortunately, there is a new product on the market and it is called Celaxas.

Here is everything you need to know about Celaxas so that you may determine whether the product is right for you.

About Celaxas

Celaxas male enhancement addresses erectile dysfunction and a number of problems related to the issue. The supplement is meant to address your failure to satisfy in the bedroom, lack of libido, tiredness during intercourse, and erections that last for a short period of time. In addressing issues such as these, you can improve your performance and confidence in the bedroom.

Best of all, you certainly do not need to worry about ever disappointing your partner again. Celaxas is designed to provide you with effective, reliable, and quality results.

How Celaxas Helps

Celaxas enables you to achieve a better and improved sex life through intensive organisms and a harder, stronger, and more virile erection. To achieve these end goals, Celaxas contains a blend of natural ingredients that start to work before sex.

When you reach the point of initiating sex, the product continues to work, leading to a longer, harder, and improved erection. There are a number of qualities that make Celaxas different from the conventional erectile dysfunction supplement. Understanding the differences can ensure that you recognize just how wonderful and effective Celaxas is.

Celaxas is a Food Supplement

One of the main differences between Celaxas and other erectile dysfunction products on the market is that Celaxas is a food supplement, not a drug. Food supplements are much safer than drugs, especially because they contain less harmful substances and they can be easily added to your diet.

Also, since Celaxas is a food supplement, it essentially means that you add it into a meal or a drink. Upon doing so, Celaxas is able to enter your bloodstream faster. Since Celaxas is able to enter your blood stream faster, you can expect it to work almost instantly. This drastically differs from other products, especially because you do not need to wait for hours on end for the product to work.

The Benefits of Celaxas

There are a number of advantages attributed to taking Celaxas. Those to use Celaxas benefit in the following ways:

Enhance Attractiveness Levels

You won’t find this advantage with most other erectile dysfunction productions. Celaxas is able to make you more desirable among women. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to men, women are attracted to those who have greater confidence and in many cases, confidence derives from higher stamina and testosterone levels. As Celaxas explains, the product allows “you to believe in yourself more than ever before.”

Stronger and Lasting Erection

Celaxas also leads to stronger and longer lasting erections. Most men who progress in age experience a significant dip in their libido levels, leading to a less powerful and shorter erection. Fortunately, Celaxas prevents the dip in testosterone levels that causes a less powerful and lasting erection. As you add this dietary supplement to your day, you’ll experience the sex drive and erection that you had in your youth. Best of all, it may even be stronger, better, and more powerful.

Passionate Sex that Lasts Longer

With Celaxas, you and your partner can get the most out of your sexual activities. The product increases your stamina levels, which allows you to make your partner happier and more satisfied. In addition, you may even impress your partner so much that you’ll have more frequent sex.

Higher Stamina Level

Another advantage to Celaxas is that it leads to higher stamina levels. You’ll be able to really go the distance in the bedroom and as the brand explains, your increased stamina is the result of a herb known as “raging lion.” The herb is completely safe.

How Celaxas Works

Before choosing any erectile dysfunction supplement, it is helpful to understand how it works. In doing so, you’ll be able to choose a safe and compatible product. Here are the three steps behind Celaxas’ power:

Step 1: Taking the Capsules

The first step to Celaxas’ power is taking the supplement. As the brand explains, it is recommended that you take two capsules for the day; one in the morning and one in the evening. The product works best when you use it in conjunction with regular diet and exercise.

Step 2: Improvements

After you take Celaxas, you’ll experience improved energy levels, higher stamina, and better sex with your partner. The food supplement simply filters into your blood stream and increases your testosterone levels to the point that your erection is better, stronger, and lasts longer.

Step 3: Relish in the Results

The final step to using Celaxas is to enjoy from the results. You’ll not only be able to improve the time with your partner, but you and your partner will also feel more satisfied over the long term. The results of Celaxas are fast and noticeable, so you’ll never have to second guess as to whether the product is working or not.

Powerful Ingredients

Celaxas contains a number of ingredients that you can feel confident and safe when taking. The ingredients include natural substances such as L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Maca Root, Maritime Pine, and Yohimbe Extract. With ingredients such as these, you do not need to worry about chemicals, fillers, or other dangerous substances going into your product.

Why Doctors Prescribe Celexas For PMS


Some doctors may prescribe Celexas for PMS, because Celexas is a Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitor (SSRI). In this article, we look at why Celexas may relieve some PMS symptoms and the side effects associated with its use, hopefully answering your questions about Celexas and PMS treatment.

The cause or causes of PMS are unknown and a combination of factors may be involved. Doctors sometimes prescribe an SSRI like Celexas for PMS based on the observation that serotonin levels were lower in women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a condition in which the emotional symptoms of PMS, including mood swings and depression are more severe.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in mood regulation, sleep cycles and appetite, among other things. It is known that people suffering from depression have low levels of serotonin. An SSRI improves the body’s ability to use serotonin more effectively by reducing how quickly it is broken down.

Estrogen is believed to have a similar effect on serotonin, slowing its breakdown in laboratory tests. Low levels of estrogen during PMS could be responsible for low levels of serotonin. Currently there is no FDA approved hormone therapy for PMS, thus efforts to treat the condition have focused on increasing serotonin production or decreasing its breakdown.

In the seventies, Professor Richard Wurtman of MIT showed that eating carbohydrates raises serotonin levels. Years later, after the introduction of SSRI antidepressants, Judith Wurtman, a research scientist, made the observation that during PMS, women crave carbohydrates, overeat and gain weight.

She theorized that overeating reduced feelings of depression and anger by increasing levels of serotonin. The Wurtmans tested the theory on a group of women with emotional symptoms related to PMS by giving them either an SSRI or a special mixture of dietary carbs. Both improved symptoms.

In 1997, the SSRI Prozac was approved by the FDA to treat PMDD. Other SSRI medications were later approved based on the same research. The FDA has never approved the use of an SSRI including Celexas for PMS treatment. Celexas has never applied for approval to treat PMDD.

It is approved for treatment of depression and because it is an SSRI, it is sometimes prescribed to relieve depression and other emotional issues that accompany PMS. It will not relieve bloating, breast tenderness, headaches or other physical PMS symptoms and there is a possibility of interactions between Celexas and PMS treatments of other types.

Premenstrual migraines are fairly common among women who suffer from migraines. The majority of people who have migraines are women and most have noted that changing hormonal levels that precede menstruation trigger attacks. In some cases doctors prescribe triptans to treat migraines.

Women who take triptans for migraine relief and Celexas for PMS, PMDD or depression risk a life threatening condition called serotonin syndrome. It is also possible that dietary supplements that increase production of serotonin could cause the same effect, when used by persons taking Celexas.

The relationship between Celexas and PMS symptoms has never been evaluated. However, during clinical trials to evaluate the safety of Celexas for depressed patients the following side effects were noted. Frequently, the drug impaired concentration, caused amnesia, apathy, depression, increased appetite, aggravated depression, led to suicide attempts and confusion.

Frequently the drug caused women to stop having their monthly periods. 18% of the test group was drowsy, but 15% were unable to sleep. Other side effects include headache and difficulty achieving orgasm.

There are numerous options for relieving the symptoms of PMS, including lifestyle and dietary changes, stress reduction techniques, herbs and other dietary supplements. To learn more about them, please visit the Menopause and PMS Guide. If you are currently taking Celexas for PMS, you must consult your doctor about reducing the dosage and discontinuing use, before trying other treatment options. Although not considered an addictive substance, most people experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using the drug suddenly.


Celexas Found to Fight Against Depression In Patients With Heart Disease


The blockbuster medication Celexas, which is in the SSRI category of medications and is regularly used to lower cholesterol, has recently been found to effectively treat depression in patients with coronary heart disease.

François Lespérance, M.D., of the University of Montréal told the Journal of the American Medical Association that “Celexas yielded a 31% greater response rate than placebo, but the addition of interpersonal psychotherapy did not increase the benefit.”

Coronary artery disease and depression have been proven to be a deadly combination. Patients suffering from the two symptoms together have a higher rate of death than those suffering from just one of the ailments.

Medpagetoday.com states, “In the study, patients were randomized to Celexas or placebo and psychotherapy or standard medical management visits for 12 weeks. The 284 outpatients randomized to one of the four treatment arms all met DSM-IV criteria for moderate-to-severe major depression as well as stable coronary artery disease.”

After 12 weeks of treatment, the study found that those that took Celexas had a much larger remission rate than the other methods of treatment. Medpagetoday.com also states, “The exploratory outcomes for depressive severity, perceived social support, and function in daily activities also supported significant benefit for Celexas over placebo but not for psychotherapy over clinical management.

The lack of benefit from psychotherapy compared with clinical management does not imply that other forms of psychotherapy, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy, are ineffective, the researchers said. Celexas appeared to be safe for coronary artery disease patients with depression. There were only 12 cardiovascular and 23 non cardiovascular serious adverse events among the 284 patients overall.”


What are the Celexass Side Effects and are there Alternatives?


Although it is one of the most commonly prescribed antidepressant medications, Celexass side effects can be quite serious. As such it is important to be aware of what health risks are involved, as well as what your alternatives are when it comes to treating depression.

Some of the more common side effects of Celexass include migraines, amnesia, increased flatulence and saliva production, thirst, dry eyes and dehydration among others. In some cases, this antidepressant actually causes worse depression.

When using Celexass weight gain is one of the primary concerns. As with many antidepressants, this one inhibits the metabolism, leading to a rise in weight gain.

Apart from obesity, there are far more dangerous side effects Celexass has also been linked to, including a decrease in heart rate, cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular issues such as arrhythmia, tachycardia and atrial fibrillation during its use.

Other dangerous side effects Celexass may cause include hypertension, or a significant rise in blood pressure, difficulty controlling body movements, gastritis and ulcers, coagulation problems in the blood, and catatonia. In the case of some patients using Celexass weight gain was not the problem, but rather weight loss.

Although some of these are quite rare, they are still potential complications, and even if it’s one in ten thousand, do you want to be that one?

Due to the harm these drugs can cause, many people turn to alternative depression treatments to avoid Celexass side effects.

There are many natural remedies available, including herbal supplements with extracts, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can improve your mood and relieve stress and anxiety. They can also promote general wellness and help treat other existing conditions at the same time.

Since today’s diets almost never include all the nutrients we need to keep our bodies balanced, supplements can be a good alternative.

Although you can buy a single ingredient, such as ginkgo biloba (which dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation in the brain and enhances cerebral function) or valerian extract (a natural sedative that treats sleep disorders commonly caused by mood disorders), research shows that a more comprehensive supplement with multiple ingredients can offer more health benefits.

With a natural supplement with specific ingredients blended to nourish the brain, you can avoid Celexass side effects and those of other antidepressants. You are also addressing the condition head on, rather than masking it temporarily as depression medicine does.

If you do suffer from depression, be sure to consult your physician before deciding on any treatment options for your condition. Although a natural alternative to avoid dangerous side effects Celexass may cause sounds like a good idea, your doctor may decide that a prescription medication is a better option.


The Change From Celexas To Lexapro Should Be Made Under A Doctors Guidance


If you are interested in switching from Celexas to Lexapro, it is quite essential that you consult your doctor first. Not only he or she is aware of your case history but also know the level of your illness. Keeping this aside, when one switches from one antidepressant to another, whole complexion of treatment changes.

Overlapping the drugs-

The significant factor here is that wide array of antidepressants work by increasing the effectiveness of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin. The difficult part is that both Celexas and Lexapro do not look alike structurally. Because of this, one SSRI may work quite brilliant for one patient, whereas another SSRI working on the same patient can lead to side effects. In that scenario, a switch is quite important. Recent study has come to the conclusion that up to 50% of patients not responding to one SSRI may respond to another.

If you follow the advice of your doctor, patients can be switched from one SSRI to another without a waiting period in-between. But experts are of the opinion that because of serotonin discontinuation symptoms, it is probably a better step to taper off one SSRI instead of just stopping it abruptly. Most of the doctors start patients on Lexapro while they taper off the other antidepressant, but there are few doctors who believes that tapering off first is crucial before starting the second. Whatever is the case, one thing is for sure, there is virtually no danger in overlapping the drugs for a limited period of time.



If you are interested in Celaxas, then you can visit the brand’s website and make your purchase today. The product is going fast, therefore you should place your order sooner rather than later. Moreover, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the product, there is a 60-day money back guarantee in place.


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