Virility EX Review – Does it live up to the Hype?

Virility EX

The market of male enhancement supplements presents numerous possibilities. Some of the products are manufactured by conscientious companies that use traditional and organic components- a fact that has a positive effect on the overall quality of the end product. Virility Ex is one such male enhancement supplement. It comes in an oral form and works as a penis augmentation catalyst. Needless to say, this product is a great option for every man looking for enjoyment and greater performance in his sex life.

But does Virility Ex actually live up to its expectations? Well, the following review will explore the pertinent features of this supplement and help you decide whether or not it’s suitable for you.

What is Virility Ex?

Virility Ex is an all-natural dietary supplement that draws from potent and organic male-enhancement ingredients to tackle typical cases of sexual dysfunction that are commonly encountered by males all over the world. Made from medicinal herbs known to bestow superior sexual health, Virility Ex has been primarily designed to fix erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation together with other sexual health related issues. Some of its additional effects include improvement in stamina levels, enhancement in penis girth and size, as well as a general boost in vitality. It is essentially an oral supplement, which can be used either singly or in conjunction with certain male enhancement exercises. To promote holistic treatment, the customer is engaged into a comprehensive penis enlargement program upon availing this product. The program introduces you to a set of time-tested and effective exercises that are proven in their ability to enhance the diameter and length of the penis.

While the manufacturer of Virility Ex suggests that the overall method is entirely proven from a clinical sense, it’s largely difficult to come across any specific evidence that can support statements for scientific tests performed on the supplement. However, even with this seemingly low clarity, there are two things to assure you about the efficacy of the product: Firstly, the free 30-day trial offer that gives you the chance to sample the supplement for yourself and determine its effectiveness, or alternatively, a couple of containers given as bonus along with the supplement for a 90-day money-back guarantee that permits you to make at least an attempt in a risk-free manner. And secondly, thousands of users spanning the globe have testified the efficacy of Virility Ex and have repeatedly said that it does produce desirable results, provided you use it with caution and discretion.

How Does Virility EX Work?

Virility Ex basically works by slowly nourishing and reinforcing blood flow to the corpora cavernosa, which comprises of two cylindrical-shaped chambers that are located at the side of the penis. These two chambers are packed with spongy tissue that gets filled with blood. Increase in blood flow to these chambers raises blood pressure and subsequently causes the penis to become erect. In order to allow for improved blood flow to the corpora cavernosa, the man should be aroused either emotionally (foreplay before sex) or physically ( foreplay, or penile exercises or male enhancement supplements). Virility Ex is loaded with herbal ingredients that bring about a safe increase in blood circulation into the broad erectile chambers at the time of erection, thereby causing a significant increase in the length and girth of the penis.

The effects of this supplement last for a reasonable period of time, and the erection is maintained as long as the spongy tissues of the chambers are saturated with the highest possible level of blood. Thanks to the large quantity of bloodstream in the erectile chambers, a man stays in an heightened state of arousal during the course of lovemaking. This ultimately enables him to stay rigid and hard and perform sex for a long time before ejaculating finally.

Additionally, the formula for this supplement has been made by using an array of renowned aphrodisiacs. These don’t just bolster blood flow to the penis, but also increase testosterone production- a pivotal factor determining a man’s sexual stamina. That is exactly why Virility Ex is a great choice for men suffering from habitual erection problems.

What are the ingredients?

Virility Ex has been made with the highest quality of herbs that are integral to traditional medicine and focus exclusively to alleviate common male problems, including a reduced erection of penis. Following is a list of components present in Virility Ex which offer this male enhancement pill its capacity to function:

-Epimedium: An organic aphrodisiac that has been broadly used in various parts of Japan for several years. Commonly referred to as Barrenwort, extracts of this herb are known to act as a remarkable booster of sexual performance. Epimedium also contains icarrin, a natural and effective substance that has proven use in raising blood flow to the penis.

-Tribulus terestris: Enhances levels of testosterone

-Horny goat weed: Causes expansion of blood vessels to improve blood flow to critical parts of the male reproductive system

-Yohimbe: Promotes increased blood flow to the penis to strengthen it further

-Maca: A completely organic aphrodisiac

-Elk velvet antler: This substance stimulates testosterone production. It is a natural supplement that has no recognized side-effects to date.

-Longjack: The root of Longjack belongs to a plant native to Southeast Asia that generates beautiful blooms. In addition to its other medical advantages, Longjack root is widely used in traditional therapy for its proven testosterone-enhancing properties

-Sarsaparilla: A powerful traditional remedy that has been used for ages to overcome the problem of impotence.

-Damiana: A well-known ancient remedy used for curing sterility, as well as male sexual problems

Other ingredients involved in boosting male sexual desire and blood flow to the penis, include Eleuthero, as well as certain amino acids that have been proportionally incorporated into the composition. Each of the ingredients is natural and FDA-approved.

What are the Benefits of Virility Ex?

-Increases blood flow to the penis: Virility Ex works mainly by triggering blood circulation to the penis, which leads to an increase in size, as well as the chance of getting an erection.

-Precludes Cognitive Decline: Herbs such as ginger, ginseng and cayenne that are constituents of Virility Ex are known to enhance blood circulation to different blood vessels of the penis and brain both. By doing so, they can help prevent early onset of age-related neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. When consumed on a regular basis after meals, they act to draw greater amounts of blood to the erectile chambers and increase penile erection by increasing sensitivity to the area.

-Works in all Directions: You may think that having a bigger penis when it’s erect is quite normal, but there is actually more to the story. Research suggests that when the two chambers get regular supply of blood, you experience an increase in girth, as well as length of the penis, even while it’s in a flaccid condition.

-Eases your erectile dysfunction problem: This product works like a charm to make you feel positive and uplifted about sex, as opposed to feeling ashamed or anxious before engaging in physical acts with the person you love. Basically, the herbs in the pills promote greater blood flow to your penis, which, in turn, becomes harder and stronger. This automatically reduces the severity of erectile dysfunction in an individual.

-Improves Repetitive Performance: With age, our capacity to get aroused more often decreases. Usually, performing sexual acts twice in a row without taking a break or nap in the middle practically becomes out of the question. Well, users of Virility Ex have reported increased capacity to perform the second time around a lot faster than before.

-Increases Sexual Prowess: Now what does that mean exactly, you may ask? That simply means you are going to get aroused more quickly. After all, what’s the point in performing if you know you are not going to enjoy what you are doing? The ingredients present in this pill like zinc, L-arginine and horny goat weed serve to raise your testosterone levels, thereby making you feel as if you are back to your youthful self!

-Boosts Confidence: Having a nice size of penis does oodles to your self-confidence, especially when it comes to impressing your sweetheart. Imagine being able to get it up at anytime you wish instead of working hard and getting no results? Wouldn’t that be nice?

-Controls your ejaculation: In addition to helping you get an erection over and over again at your will, your erections will last longer, and the possibility of premature ejaculation will reduce significantly. After all, it’s high time you show your partner how lucky she is to be in bed with you!

Whom is Virility Ex Meant for?

Would you like to improve your sexual skills in bed and make your lover wild with a rock-hard and rigid penis that stays up for a sustainable period of time? Would you like to infuse some stamina in your sexual lifestyle? If yes, then you ought to try out this male enhancement supplement. It’s a potent herbal formula that boosts your energy levels and enables bigger and harder erections for allowing longer intimate sessions, as well as intensified sensations during sex.

User Testimonials

36-year old Jake from California says:

“I was initially pretty skeptical about using these pills as I had a severe case of impotence. However, the pills didn’t just got me longer hard-ons but also made me ejaculate more than often. Another great thing is that I can rely on it to make me ready for sex in less than 15 minutes flat, even after having cummed already a short time back. Basically, they have been more effective for me than the enlargement pills I have tried in the past.”

32-year old Chris from Texas says:

“I never in my wildest of dreams thought that the pills would actually work. My penis seems to have an increased girth and fullness just after three months of use. Sure, I have been performing a couple of exercises like jerking and jelqing to supplement the efficacy of pills, but I’m quite happy with the overall results and I feel like I have got a great value for my money”.

42-year old Mark from Kenya says:

“I had a hard time coping up with my lack of functioning well in bed. Then my girlfriend suggested me to try out Virility Ex and within five months I was performing sexual acts like a pro. I had no trouble getting an erection twice or thrice in row with little recovery period in the middle. Also, I noticed I had greater vitality in engaging in physical intimacy even after a harrowing day at work. Now, after six months of using Virility Ex, I am thankful for the fact that my relationship with my girlfriend has been salvaged and so has my low self-esteem.”

49-year old Patrick from New Jersey says:

“My experience with Virility Ex has been nothing short of miraculous. This product has had no side-effects on me so far, and only strengthened my sexual prowess by speeding up my erection. It is truly a great investment and a well-guarded secret that has helped me become virile and sexy in bed like never before!”

45-year old Roberto from Italy says:

“I have tried about five different male enhancement products as well as programs and never received any discernible results. Then I decided to try out Virility Ex and after a month itself, I started noticing a difference. My libido had improved and so had my love life. I’d recommend this marvelous product to anyone looking to have a bigger male member in a safe and effective manner”

38-year old Ryan says:

“Ever since I started using Virility Ex, my girlfriend started noticing a significant difference right away and wondered what I was doing with my manhood. Needless to say, she loves this product and doesn’t seem to get enough of me in bed. I just want to extend our heartiest gratitude to the manufacturer for creating this organic and effective supplement that has gave me back my lost pride and helped me rekindle the lost passion in my relationship”.

How long Does it Take to See Any Results?

Experts recommend consuming the pills of Virility Ex for a minimum of three months to reap the full benefits of this product. In general, you can expect to see the following results after two to three months of usage:

-Stronger, harder and more rigid erections
-Long-lasting erections 
-Increase in penis length
-Increase in penis width
-More sexual stamina 
-More intense sensations during sexual intercourse
-Higher degree of control over ejaculation; in other words, there is a reduction in premature ejaculation

Is the Product Safe?

Numerous studies have concluded that Virility Ex is entirely safe to use as it contains natural and verified ingredients. Thousands of users spanning the globe have given this supplement a double thumbs up and reported that it does foster powerful orgasms by reducing the chance of premature ejection, increasing sexual stamina and overall, promoting greater performance in bed.

If latest research is anything to go by, this is a natural pill for males that contains not even an iota of noxious petrochemical substances or harmful byproducts. The pills are totally natural and can help you gain harder and long-lasting erections, which is exactly why this product has been aptly named as ‘Virility’.

Being herbal pills, they are considered extremely safe for use in male sexual enhancement. In fact, they have also been proven to have other health benefits including an optimized production of sex hormones, an increase in vitality, as well as healthier reproductive system in general.

In addition to the above, this product also offers faster recovery during several sessions, thereby increasing your ability to last longer in bed and satisfy the core sexual desires of your partner fully.

But do they come with any side-effects?

Well, experts are of the opinion that people with diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and/or liver/kidney problems should seek a consultation with their healthcare provider first before taking the pills. This is simply because some of the constituents of the product, such as Horny goat weed act to raise the heart rate and allow increased blood flow. This increases blood pressure and poses problems unless checked in time. However, people with a normal blood pressure and devoid of the aforementioned problems can use this pill without any concerns.

Plausible Side-Effects of Using Virility Ex

Virility Ex supplements essentially include natural substances that do not interrupt your health in any damaging sort of way. However, if you do happen to be on another treatment, which entails the use of artificial components then in that case certain side-effects might crop up due to a harmful interaction. Among a few of the negative effects, one involves using the medication in the wrong serving. As mentioned before, the recommended daily dose is just two pills every day. These should be taken two hours before sex, or as directed by the healthcare provider.

Also, guys making use of this oral supplement need to exercise patience and caution in accepting the outcomes of consumption. You shouldn’t pop in more than two tablets in a span of two hours in a bid to observe a dramatic increase in hardness. Just like any other supplement, Virility Ex too needs some time to produce desirable results.

While the manufacturer confidently asserts negligible chances of adverse effects, there are few things to know while consuming this product:

-The effect of the pills is initially slow and then starts to accelerate after the passage of first two months. That is exactly why you should get an adequate supply of pills to last you for two-three months and consume them as directed by your physician to receive the full effects.

-The pills do have a tendency to cause a mild headache if you happen to consume them without water. Make sure to swallow them with a glass of water, instead of chewing on them in a dry mouth. This ensures maximum effectiveness and minimum health hazards.


The recommended dose of Virility Ex supplement is two tablets daily. One way to consume them is to take one tablet in the morning and the other in the evening. Alternatively, you can take both tablets just after dinner or two hours before sexual intercourse for maximum results.

Each package contains thirty servings, and there are two tablets per serving, which means there are 60 tablets in each container. This should last you for about a month. In any case, you may want to stock up on two or three bottles to last you for at least two to three months.

Where to buy Virility EX?

The most authentic place to buy Virility Ex has to be the official website, or from certified suppliers online. While this is no doubt renowned for its proven effects, it’s yet to be available in local retail stores. Also, internet purchase seems to be the ideal solution for people who feel self-conscious about buying a male enhancement product in full public view. Moreover, when you order from the web page of the manufacturer, you are guaranteed of getting the original product, as opposed to the risk of buying outdated stock from brick-and-mortar shops.

Another nice thing about buying it online is that the entire procedure is extremely discreet, right from the time you make the order to the time you get the delivery.

This way no one, not even your partner, gets to know that you’re using a penis enhancement supplement. And since you will be purchasing from a certified dealer online, your confidential details will remain protected from the privy eyes of hackers. Even more advantageous is the fact that when you turn to online dealers, you get access to a vast array of low-price offers, including attractive discount rates, as well as free-of-cost bottle offers for trial. All these factors add up to a pleasant shopping experience which rewards you with the peace of mind of knowing that your investment won’t go in waste.

Final Recommendations

To sum it up, Virility Ex is a quality male enhancement supplement that comes with the guarantee of remarkable results so long as you use it appropriately as advised by your healthcare provider, or as outlined by the directions on the product label. Being an oral supplement, it’s easy to consume and is made with all-natural components that do not confer any major side-effects on the user. Additionally, it offers a wealth of benefits for its price point. So, within a span of two to three months itself you can expect to undergo a significant boost in your sexual stamina and a better quality of erection. Some users have even reported experiencing a permanent growth in the penis after sufficient use.

To top it all, it is available with a money-back guarantee, as well as an irresistible trial offer so that you get acquainted with its use and see the results for yourself. What more can you possibly ask for? These pint-sized capsules pack enough potential to pave the way for a more confident and virile version of your present self!