ViSwiss Review- How Does it Really Work?


Erectile dysfunction is one of the biggest health-related conditions known to man. Incidentally, it’s also one the of the hardest to treat and the hardest to admit. Men who have it are on the fence; they either are all for newer, more advanced treatment options available or would have none of it and suffer in silence. There are some pharmaceutical supplements that treat ED, but they have more or less some serious side effects.

This kind of focus on the male digit has turned the male enhancement industry into a million-dollar business. There are now pills, powders and supplements that a man can use to please his partner and maintain an impressive erection. There are now plenty of male enhancement supplements to choose from.

The question is, which one is more effective than the other? Which brand will help you with your particular problem?

One of the most notable brand and supplement to come up is ViSwiss. It’s a new male enhancement medicine, with all-natural ingredients under its helm. Nathans Natural is the manufacturing company that produces this supplement.

Viswiss is a contender in the current roster of male enhancement products circulating on the web and around the world. The tag line of Vi Swiss is that it’s more of a capsule that enhances sexual performance and lets your penis stand more rigid than a straight-up penis enlargement solution.

Viswiss marketers say that you can have a lasting, more engorged erection within 20 minutes. Moreover, once it’s up, it’s up to you whether you want your penis to stay hard as long as you want!

This translates to a do-all-you-can marathon that lasts as long as your stamina does. Your penis can stay rigid for as long as 72 hours. If you think about it, there’s a lot you can do within that timeframe. You can achieve new sexual heights and milestones this way.

Get More With ViSwiss

The company that makes Viswiss has made some very bold statements about what their product can do for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. First off, the supplements work right off the bat. The sense of it is that a product should work as advertised if you’re investing good money for it. If not, then you’d simply end up with a supplement that goes down the drain.

Like all other ED supplements and male enhancement products here, we review the ViSwiss and see if it works as advertised. We do an in-depth review of the ingredients, the benefits and the costs associated with buying a male enhancer pill. So, being true to form, we undertake a ViSwiss review and see how it stacks up against the competition.

What Is ViSwiss? How Does It Work?

Let’s put Viswiss under a microscope and do a close scrutiny. Viswiss is a male enhancement supplement that’s manufactured by a company called Nathans Natural. The company and the promoters claim that Viswiss is made from 100% all-natural ingredients.

Furthermore, this product is specifically made to treat erectile dysfunction and all its horrible effects. At the heart is a smattering of herbs that have been scientifically proven to treat some, if not all the symptoms of ED. Men who take Viswiss can look forward to better and longer-lasting sex.

Vi Swiss makes your penis erect and much more engorged than normal due to the increased blood flow that enter the penile chambers. The blood stays there until you reach orgasm. The erection is noticeably longer and more satisfying than anything you’ve ever had.

The mechanics of Viswiss is simple- it directly affects the user’s libido and increase the production of testosterone. The careful selection and portioning of ingredients serve as an end to the cause. Some of the ingredients are well-known throughout the world as an ingredient that fights off ED.

What does this translate to in the bedroom? You last longer and get more fulfilled sex. You also have a better recovery time. The organic formula relaxes the blood vessels found in the penis to allow blood to come through and around it.

You’ll be surprised to find your penis is harder, more engorged and longer than the last time you had it erect. You’ll also experience better sex and a mind-shattering orgasm that’s one of a kind. Rounding out the ingredients is nitric oxide, which serves to keep the erection natural and safe.

There are so many fake erectile dysfunction supplements circulating about the web that it’s scary for first-time users and experienced buyers alike. The internet is simply filled to the brim about products that tout their efficacy with individuals suffering from erectile dysfunction and the inability to perform in bed.

The truth of the matter is, there’s no magical way to instantly increase the size or the length of a penis, unless via surgery. Even then, the effects are more or less permanent and there’s no getting around the side effects and complications.

ViSwiss is the closest thing you can get to a magic pill. The patented ViSwiss formula was actually found after 7 years of careful research and intensive testing in Swiss laboratories. The biochemists and doctors who finally found the perfect blend of anti-ED ingredients have distilled it further into a pill-shaped supplement that all people can take.

ViSwiss is a male enhancement pill that’s 100% natural. Some ingredients come in from mother nature herself. A lot of thought went into the production and the creation of ViSwiss as a product that can cure erectile dysfunction. Each pill goes under the microscope to ensure a high level of quality is maintained.

The website further states that the ingredients are concentrated to provide a massive boost up. They are now up to 17 times more potent than their non-concentrate counterparts.

Taking one supplement will give you an erection that can last up to 72 hours. What you do then is entirely up to you. When the action is over, the penis will remain alert and ready for action after a short respite.

ViSwiss Ingredients

So what goes into each Viswiss supplement? We take a look at the list of ingredients and see what it does.

ViSwiss manufacturers take the 11 best herbal ingredients known to man and combines them to make a potent anti-ED supplement. As a team, they stimulate vigorous sexual activity, allow for and maintain a stiff erection and the sperm count considerably increases as well. The ingredients are specially made in a farm, with growers selecting only mature barks from the mother trees and bushes. A patented Swiss process converts them into concentrates that pack much more oomph than the usual ingredient extracts.

Here’s what each ingredient does in greater detail.

Gingko Biloba. The most popular herb known to man is also man’s best friend against erectile dysfunction. Think that’s all Gingko Biloba does? Not quite. This ancient Chinese herb has been proven to restore natural energy, reduce stress, tension and anxiety and boost cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. As a supplement, it greatly supports a stronger immune system and it boosts your sex drive and sexual performance.

Ashwaganda Root. This root is an all-in-one cure that medicine men use to treat a variety of disorders. Some of these include tuberculosis, bronchitis and arthritis. More importantly, Ashwaganda root enhances your sexual desire and improves your sperm count.

Muira Puama. A plant that has useful bark and roots. Muira Palma is thought to directly affect ED in a positive way. It’s considered as a potent aphrodisiac and is popular among the natives. Simply put, it’s an excellent natural ingredient that helps with ED.

Damiana. Your orgasms are further heightened and enhanced. You also get improved stamina as you go about the day.

Epimedium. Featuring strong aphrodisiac-like properties, the humble epimedium can be used to treat ED symptoms such as lack of sexual performance, poor sperm count and premature ejaculation.

L-Arginine. One of the most popular amino acid is contained in each ViSwiss supplement. It works to direct the flow of blood to where it’s needed- the user’s extremities. As the blood vessels open up, more precious blood is directed to the chambers found inside the penis. The penis goes erect when stimulated and stays up until the act of sex is over. L-Arginine has been called as the Miracle Molecule because it’s so good in what it does. You get more semen and sperm count when you take in L-Arginine.

Korean Ginseng. The extract of Korean ginseng serves as a booster to male libido. Like the Gingko Biloba, the immune system also benefits from it. In other parts of the world, Korean ginseng is used as a treatment against erectile dysfunction.

Avena Sativa. You may know Ativa Sativa in their more common name- oats. As an oat, the Avena Sativa supports healthy heart functions and manages blood pressure to acceptable levels. Constant ingestion can prevent a number of heart diseases, and even cancer from forming.

Maca. Maca combats premature ejaculation while passively fighting against impotence via improved blood flow. This is a root crop grown almost exclusively in Peru; the extract is locally used as an excellent energy drink. People who use it report having greater athleticism, improved mood and a noticeably better performance in bed.

Saw Palmetto. Saw palmetto is often used in anti-aging medicine. In recent findings, saw palmetto can help strengthen the penis. It can be used as a diuretic to increase sexual performance and unlock enhanced sexual functions.

Tribulus Terrestris. Known for increasing sperm count and improve your ability to bounce back after sex.

There’s quite a lot of natural ingredients that make up Viswiss. As you can see, all of them work towards improving your sexual function in terms of strength, stamina and performance. All of them serve to increase testosterone, which in turn directly affects the male energy, stamina and libido. You can unlock the blood vessels and chambers within your penis to have a larger, more engorged male sex organ.

ViSwiss Benefits

The best male enhancement product isn’t one that’s manufactured using artificial ingredients. In order to work its best, a male enhancer must have 100% natural ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the body. In each supplemental pill lies enhanced sexual arousal and desire.

Not only that, but you’ll be backed with a full, engorged erection. ViSwiss puts in the ability for users to gain great sexual stamina to finish the act with aplomb. A good male enhancement supplement should be affordable and available widely. Would you believe that all of these benefits are in each bottle of Viswiss?

There’s hope yet for ED patients who won’t take artificial prescriptions for their shameful condition. When you check out the Viswiss site, you’ll be greeted by an ad for the more mature men, and individuals who are suffering from diabetes. These demographics are hit with an inability to perform and maintain an erection. Men who don’t have the proper flow of blood because of diabetes can finally experience a normal flow again, thanks to Viswiss.

Even if you don’t have any diabetic conditions, you can still give the wonderful supplement a try. Check out the list of immediate benefits it can give you:

– Increased sexual desire

– Amazing penile length without the limpness.

– Natural ingredients that are completely safe.

– A herbal pill that does 3 things- libido enhancer, strengthens erections and corrects the effects of erectile dysfunction.

– Increases sperm volume and fixes premature ejaculation.

– Gain harder, more enjoyable erections.

– Increases sexual endurance and performance in bed.

To top it all off, it doesn’t have serious side effects and won’t affect your cardiovascular state. You’ll be happy to know that you can take Viswiss with a swig of alcohol. It won’t affect your penis erection or performance in any way.


Viswiss Testimonials

The online world is awash with positive reviews about the benefits of Viswiss. The Viswiss website itself has some testimonials from their customers. It’s not hard to find Viswiss reviews on the proper forums and review sites.

Howard V.
“It really works. My wife has demanded that I reorder another batch of Viswiss supplements! I began taking it for 3 months. In one of those nights she told me to be careful with my gigantic penis.”

The glowing review above is one such success story, courtesy of Viswiss. If you need more testimonials of people who have had success, you can simply check out the main website and see the happy customers there. Moreover, Viswiss has been making the rounds on popular men’s magazines such as Men’s Health, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, Diabetic Living, Maxim and Natural Health.

The same company that makes Viswiss is also active on other health-related products. Some of the more notable ones include colon cleansers, weight loss products, Acai berry juice, etc. Nathans Natural is a respected herbal pharma company in New York. It has been established since the early 90s.

Viswiss has taken to social media. It is now being featured on popular media sites such as YouTube, etc. You’ll see middle-aged and older men who are smiling in front of the camera, barely able to contain their joy. The success stories you see on YouTube might be a bit misleading because they are profusely singing the praises of this male enhancer supplement.

Understandably, these men have never faced a crowd, or a camera and therefore aren’t used to public speaking. The many voices that make up positive reviews present a refreshing testimonial as compared to written text.

So you may be seeing a lot of success story videos of men aged 40 and above. They all say that the results are nothing like they ever expected. Some might even candidly say they don’t expect Viswiss to work, but they are really happy that it did! The joy of having long, joyful sex is written on their faces, and it won’t be erased anytime soon.

The benefit about Viswiss increasing their desire to have sex? The men say it’s real. They haven’t had any real interest before they started taking Viswiss, but when they did they began to see their partners and the opposite sex in a different light. Some of these people have diabetes and they didn’t report any noticeable side effects.

How Long Should I Expect Results?

Viswiss as a male enhancement product can be used when needed. It takes effect within 30 minutes after taking it in. The dose of Yohimbe will bring the flow of blood to your penis. The Yohimbe dosage is 120mg, and it had test patients becoming rock hard within 20 minutes’ time. It’s an excellent response time that few other male enhancement products promise, but couldn’t provide.

Why ViSwiss is Safe

The fact that all the ingredients that make up each Viswiss capsule is completely natural should tell you about the safety of this male enhancer product. All of the ingredients are considered safe among themselves and when combined with others. The filler ingredients are almost nonexistent, and the blend is perfectly structured to deliver great results.

Viswiss has an amazing selection of natural herbs. The most notable ingredients are the L-arginine, the horny goat weed, the tongkat ali and of course, the yohimbe. The manufacturer created the supplement so that older men and those who have diabetic conditions can feel like a real man again.

You’ll find 4 of 7 of the most potent male enhancer ingredients in each Viswiss pill. Each one has been proven under strict regulations to be effective when it comes to treating ED and its effects. Yohimbe is a well-known aphrodisiac that has a side effect when ingested in large amounts.

You’ll only feel a slight headache. Otherwise, you’ll be well on your way to satisfying sex with your partner all night long. The benefits more than make up for the minor side effects.

There’s plenty of useful and informative information on Vi Swiss’ main website. The ingredients are all listed there. You’ll see how each ingredient serves an overall purpose in eradicating ED while increasing sexual performance. Viswiss has the distinction of being the only male enhancer supplement that is completely safe for diabetic patients.

It shows no serious side or detrimental physical effects.

The Swiss manufacturers go out of their way to ensure there won’t be any negative consequences when one starts finally taking ViSwiss. Take it with a bottle of beer for more fun. It won’t have any side effect at all!


Two capsules taken with a glass of warm water or beer. You can have it your way. Take it 20 minutes before engaging in sexual activities.

Where To Buy Vi Swiss

Interested in buying Viswiss? Get it straight from the source and order it at the main website of the manufacturer. You can call them to order by phone, or complete the order online. The formula is available for those who want it without needing any kind of prescription.

The Viswiss website is beautiful and it’s really easy to order Viswiss there. There hasn’t been any complication from the time I placed an order to the moment the male enhancer supplement arrived on our doorstep. You can choose from several packages to see which one fits the best.

You can see reputable content such as a comprehensive FAQ, a Terms and Conditions page and a Contact Us page. We wholly recommend buying Viswiss to combat the effects of ED. With it, you’ll be able to satisfy your sexual partner once again.

What’s more, the ingredients are all proven and come with medical facts and studies to show for it. The company that made Viswiss give their customers a full 30 day money back guarantee. This alone makes it one of the top suppliers that have total faith in what their product can do for their customers.

In fact, a money back guarantee can serve as a seal of quality when you’re buying products online these days. You also get free bonuses when you buy certain Viswiss supplement packages.

Viswiss promises a rock-hard erection each time you take a pill. After that, you’ll have a great time in the bedroom, lasting far longer than you’d expect. The recovery time will allow you to experience a highly pleasurable orgasm again, and again, and again.

Viswiss is recommended for people who are troubled with their erectile dysfunction issues. The lab-tested, all natural male enhancer will get your sex life back on the fast track. A fast-acting sex pill is what men want when they want action, and Viswiss fully delivers on that promise!