Zynev Male Enhancement Review


Low libido and sex drive is a tentative issue that almost all men grapple with at some point in their lives. We have a combination of a sedentary modern lifestyle, poor dietary habits and overflowing liquor stores to thank for that. And, you can be sure that nothing deals a more severe blow to one’s masculine frame than being unable to rise to the occasion when circumstances demand so. A man can get away with almost anything else in life – including heinous acts of humanity – but not a sub-par performance in bed. That’s the reason most men inherently attach so much importance to their virility and sexual prowess than even it to their bank balances and investment portfolios. Humorous but true.

It is also for this reason that there has been a proliferation of dozens of male enhancement creams, pills, supplements and portions to tackle this almost inevitable bane of our existence. Each of them promises to better than the next, and each of them boasts to be the long-sought panacea of a dwindling sexual prowess resulting either from an advanced age or lifestyle illnesses.

Zynev is one of the latest entrants in this competition. Unlike conventional testosterone boosters and virility enhancers is a revolutionary supplement that is even personally endorsed by the legendary NBA basketballer Tom Chambers. So, you must be wondering how it compares when stack up against the rest. Here’s a comprehensive overview of that.

About Zynev

It is a virility supplement that packs a range of clinically-recommended ingredients whose primary aim is to provide that much-needed boost in stamina and performance during sex. And to some extent – probably due to its efficiency in helping a user sustain rock hard erections – Zynev has also been observed to increase penis size and girth particularly if used regularly. The result is, as you would expect, an enhanced pleasurable performance with all the bells and whistles of a blissful satisfaction of your partner.

It’s a fast acting formula. That implies that the effects of Zynev ought to start kicking in a couple of minutes after swallowing the supplement. And, unlike, traditional Ginseng-packing erection boosters, Zynev claims to correct the symptoms of andropause ( male version of menopause ) from the root cause of the problem. Which, is course, diminishing levels of testosterone – a primarily male hormone that is responsible for sex drive. In line with this, Zynev is also presented as being a remedy to excessive weight gain, obesity in older men, lifestyle fatigue, loss of zeal, enthusiasm, and avidity in life.

Far from that, Zynev comes in three packages. There’s the best value pack, the moderate and the sampler packs. Each of these is geared towards different types of consumers, and the manufacturer has done an excellent job in tailoring each of them according to their specific needs.

As far as legal approval goes, the use of Zynev has been ‘okayed’ by the United States National Health Surveillance Agency. This implies that it has passed all the requisite health and qualitative inspections to be sold, used and distributed in the U.S.

How Does Zynev Work?

Zynev is tailored and formulated using a combination of industrial additives and herbal extracts meant to boosts one testosterone levels. As mentioned earlier, testosterone is a leading driver behind one’s sexual prowess. A man’s testosterone levels will start declining as early as his early 40s. Every year past that, he finds it harder to maintain the youthful allure of a masculine frame.

As a consequence, the nosediving levels of this hormone often results in a gradual loss of sexual desire, virility, and sexual potency. If anything, most men have a virtually nonexistent sex life by the time they hit their 60s. On the flipside, a boost of testosterone is required for that youthful sexual vigor, stamina and the ability to initiate and maintain pleasurable sex that most older men lack.

Testosterone has also been linked to larger and wider ( the girth ) male organ, which, of course, improves a man’s confidence between the sheets. Therefore, it is with this backdrop of the significance of this hormone that Zynev aims at revitalizing one’s testosterone levels naturally and safely. Unlike other more direct approaches to correcting dropping testosterone levels, Zynev does not predispose you to any significant health risks – especially not to your vital organs.

The Effective Ingredients Contained in Zynev

Zynev – like most effective male enhancement solutions – packs a batch of herbal extracts and mineral additives. These include;

1. Boron

Boron is an essential micronutrient needed for optimal growth and excellent condition of the body’s cells. It is for this reason that it is incorporated in Zynev to boost growth and development of a user external sex organs to set precedence for a mind-blowing and pleasurable performance.

2. Tongkat Ali 

It is a native Indonesia and Malaysia traditional herb that has been used over the past several decades in most Asian communities for its beneficial health properties. It is no wonder that it is fondly referred to as ‘the healer of 1000 ailments’.

It also believed to be a natural libido supplement, and traces of it are employed in Zynev. In fact, Tongkat Ali is such an effective testosterone supplement that most Malaysian men consider it a necessary household remedy. As you may already know, a decline in one’s testosterone levels does not just to result to poor sexual performance. It is also the genesis almost all lifestyle problem that plague aging men.

This includes; an excessive weight gain ( especially around the midsection ), depression, perennial lethargy, mental fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. And that should explain why it becomes harder for a man to maintain his muscle density as he grows older.

Tongkat Ali root is also widely believed to be a probable effective in improving the concentration and quality of sperm in men suffering from fertility problems. In other words, the presence of the extracts of this root in Zynev makes it a more wholesome product rather than just a mere male enhancement formulation.

3. Horny Goat Weed

This one is a natural aphrodisiac – just as the name suggests. It is a herb that has been in the Chinese medicinal circles for the past six centuries and praised for its excellent sexual potency benefits. And its controlled use here brings up that needed stamina, vigor, energy, libido and sexual performance. In other words, the Horny Goat Weed in Zynev not only get you going but also keeps you going for as long as you and your partner needs to.

4. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a plant that it common in most health supplement niches thanks to its diverse range of useful and beneficial health elements. Besides being a natural testosterone booster, it is also a mild aphrodisiac and is proven to elevate one’s stamina and energy levels.

Those looking to build a formidable muscle mass can also rely on the anti-androgenic effects of Saw Palmetto to shed excess fat and increase general metabolism. It is no secret that aging men tend to struggle in the gym for them to maintain that trim and cut frame of their 20s and 30s. As much as low testosterone levels are to blame for this, we cannot also rule out the natural consequences that come with aging.

Extensive studies also show that Saw Palmetto can boost one’s mental clarity and concentration levels making it comparatively easier to work up and maintain strong erections during sex.

5. Sarsaparilla

This uncommon ancient herb is behind some of the most popular tried-and-tested mental acuity enhancers. Therefore, its use in Zynev kicks in when mental concentration and focus is required. Most people don’t know this, but an improved mental focus most often results in that fleeting feeling of general wellbeingness, contentment, and optimism. All of this translates to a better sexual performance.

Additionally, remember that you need a certain degree of attentiveness, concentration and focus to get your member up when the opportunity presents itself. A loss of this primal concentration is also followed by a loss of hardness and difficulty in maintaining the arousal. But thanks to sarsaparilla, you can overcome any performance anxiety and feed your brain the right amount of focus to confidently maintain an erection for as long as it is pleasurable possible.

A Look at the Little-Known Benefits of Zynev

Zynev – if used as recommended in the directives by the manufacturer – has a host of possible benefits that stem from the above-discussed ingredients. Here are some of the main pros of this male enhancement supplement.

1. Boosts Your Sexual Prowess and Libido

A diminishing sexual desire is without a doubt one of the greatest blows to the otherwise fragile male ego. Unfortunately, every man – regardless of how fit and active they are – suffers from a worrying loss of interest in sex as they advance in age. Nonetheless, Zynev can correct this by employing the innumerable the sexual potency related applications of two main ingredients; Tongkat Ali and Saw Palmetto. The Tongkat, in particular, has been proven to spike one’s testosterone levels giving them that useful performance boost between the sheets. And considering that the body typically processes this natural testosterone better than that you would get from synthetic sources ( e.g., replacement therapy and testosterone patches ), Zynev is capable of maintaining this libido for much longer.

Although this won’t happen overnight, getting into the habit of using Zynev over a definite span of time will gradually improve your performance in the bedroom.

2. Enhances your Sexual Potency Naturally and Safely

Unlike other traditional methods of boosting one sexual potency, Zynev banks on the natural ability of heightened levels of testosterone to improve one’s masculinity and fertility. Tongkat Ali, one of the five main constituents of Zynev, has a proven clinical record of improving the quality and concentration of a man’s semen enhancing his chances of toning down the natural decline of fertility as he ages. This, coupled with the fact Zynev helps you combat erectile dysfunction, implies better and much more fulfilling sex life.

3. It’s a Natural Source of Male Strength and Stamina

Being a fast acting formula, this means that Zynev can boost your sexual stamina, strength, and fecundity over a duration of continual use. So, you don’t have to take it several hours before hitting the sack, and neither do you have to worry about the inconvenience of the effects kicking in too late or too early. It is more or less a long-term approach supplement than a temporary relief drug.

4. Helps One Cut Excess Weight to Some Extent 

Besides being a sexual potency fuel, testosterone is also a notable metabolic activator. That’s actually one of the reasons why it easier for younger men to cut weight and stay fit/trim than their aging counterparts. In fact, one of the crucial benefits of hitting the gym constantly is to stimulate the natural secretion of testosterone hormone through vigorous physical activity. The same hormone is a fat-burning catalyst that makes staying in shape significantly easier. And given that two of Zynev’s main ingredients have a possible effect of boosting one’s testosterone levels, it is more likely to shed excess and unhealthy weight when relying on this formulation than on other male enhancement drugs.

5. Protects an Aging Man from the Almost Inevitable Andropause Phase

It is a subject that is rarely discussed. The inescapable reality is that men too undergo their own male version of menopause. This is a time and age where a man – most likely above 55 years – notices a gradual loss of interest and desire in frequent sex. He also starts to struggle to get and maintain turgid erections – something that he would do effortlessly in his 20s and 30s. It is something that young and virile men can hardly grasp until it kicks in. In fact, a majority of men in this age bracket have virtually no sex lives to talk about. And that is just one of the unfortunate and ravaging effects of andropause.

Luckily, there are a number of solutions in the market that specifically target to combat this. One of them is Zynev. Thanks to the employment of beneficial ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed and Saw Palmetto, a man who is reeling from the health complications of andropause can reclaim his sexual virility without putting his health at risk. Also, being a noteworthy testosterone supplement, Zynev can also be used to correct the same related problems in younger men whose testosterone levels have begun declining for one reason or another.

6. Improves Sexual Response and Delays Ejaculation 

Andropause in aging men is also commonly characterized by premature ejaculation – that is beside a weakening sexual response. And it can’t get any worse than that. It is no wonder that aging men will go often go great lengths ( to the extent of putting their health at risk ) to reclaim their youthful virility. But with Zynev, you don’t have to put your health on the line. The supplement has been observed to enable men last longer in bed thus satisfying their partners better. This is in addition to the heightened sexual response that characterizes one of the key beneficial and pleasurable effects of Saw Palmetto and Tongkat, the two main ingredients in Zynev.

Zynev Testimonials

Although Zynev is a new entrant in the health supplement market, there has been dozens of positive testimonials from real users ever since its launch. Here is a sample of a select of them that we gathered from various non-partisan health forums.

It Helped me Reclaim my Youthful Vigour

“Life hasn’t been easy ever since I turned 57. Apart from balding and an ever-bulging midsection, my sex life had taken a turn for the worse too. I had virtually no interest in sex and my wife, who is almost two decades younger, had begun showing the tell-tale signs of entertaining younger and more virile men. That’s one of the reasons I decided to get off the couch and hit the gym on a daily almost religious basis. However, despite my concerted efforts, I could barely keep up with the younger men in the room.

I mean, I have never been a fan of pumping iron all day, but the task felt monstrously difficult for me. I was on the verge of quitting altogether. However, after consulting my fitness expert, I was diagnosed with very low levels of testosterone. He then recommended a few useful supplements to help spike my tanking T-levels, and one of them was Zynev. As they say, the rest is history, but I cannot remember ever having more turgid and firm erections in my entire 40s and 50s than I do right now at 61. My wife is happier, and I can now match up comfortably with my fellow men in the local gym. It is as if Zynev gave me a new lease of life!”

-Gary Lee, Louisville ( Kentucky )

Zynev is Just God sent

“There is no greater tragedy in life as struggling with premature ejaculation in your late 30s. This is a phase where you ought to be at the peak of your sexual performance, but for some reason, I could keep up for more than 10 seconds at just 37 years old. It was irksome, annoying and very embarrassing. Sometimes getting my little guy up was an issue ( talk about performance anxiety ), much to the disappointment and annoyance of my long-term girlfriend. I knew I had to something about it or I would lose her for good.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Zynev online, and my life hasn’t been the same again. You can debate all day if you want, but nothing feels better than satisfying your woman as a virile 20-year-old would do. My general outlook on life has also improved. I have never felt this optimistic and positive in my entire adult life. I guess I have the elevated testosterone levels to thank for this!”

– Travis Huebner, Fort Wayne ( Indiana )

Helped me Tackle a Decline in Sexual Potency

“Zynev was among the first recommendations that I was given by fertility doctor when I confided in him about my worrying decline in sexual virility and potency. I decided to try it out mainly because it was easily affordable and boasted of natural ingredients as part of its clinical formulation. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. On the first day of using it, I noticed that I was able to maintain a fairly firm erection for a couple of minutes. Never mind that in the past I could barely work up one let alone maintain it. This was enough to convince me that all hope wasn’t lost. I have now been using it regularly for more than four months, and I can confirm to you that this is arguably the best health investment I have made in my 40s. In fact, just recently my wife ( who’s in her 30s ) broke the good news that she was expectant with twins! Never mind that we had been trying to get a baby for the past three years! I totally recommend Zynev.”

– Jayson Siocson, Orlando ( Florida )

How Long To Expects Results

It’s a fast-acting formulation. Therefore, as much as it can take almost a month to reclaim your youthful virility while using it, most men report seeing a noticeable improvement as early as after a few days of usage. The reason for this is that Zynev uses a long-term approach to correct sexual potency and age-related complications as opposed to offering a temporary relief like Viagra.

Why is Zynev Safe?

Zynev, unlike a variety of male enhancement supplements on the market, utilizes natural and herbal extracts in its formulation. It works by preventing the androgynous conversion of natural testosterone to the less-useful dihydrotestosterone, thereby availing more of it to your bloodstream. And that’s why it has been approved for safe human use by the NHSA.

Zynev Dosage

The manufacturer behind this revolutionary sexual male health supplement recommends a single capsule of the product per day.

Where can I Buy Zynev?

You can try Zynev free at the official website here.

Remember that Zynev utilizes a range of natural ingredients to safely and conveniently boost your declining testosterone levels as a way of restoring your sexual prowess.

It is a top-rated sexual enhancement solution that is recommended by both leading fitness and male fertility experts around the world. Try it today, and the results will speak for themselves.