MusclesZone – April 2015 Summary

Alright so this post is definitely a bit overdue, but better late than never. I wasnt as active here on in April as I was in March, but I did mange to get a couple of reviews listed on the site.

Here is a short summary of what has been posted here on in the month of May.

[column size=one_half position=first ]
Preview: Nova-X from Gaspari
Review of NOOpump from MAN Sports
Cellucor C4 4th Generation vs. C4 50X
Craze V2 from Driven Sports Released
A look at Hyde V. 2 from Pro Supps
Review of Pre Gro from iSatori
Review of Noxivol from CDT Labs
Craze Vs. Craze V2 – Driven Sports
C4 Ripped Vs. C4 Vs. C4 50X: Cellucor
Syntha 6 Edge for Sale but not Released?
Craze V2 from Driven Sports now sold in US
UPS to Discontinue Two DMBA supplements
Nano Vapor from Muscle Tech: Complete Review[/column]

My intentions was to cover a lot more than this, but unfortunately I have been a bit more busy than expected, and the same seems to be true for this month.

Right now I am finishing up that post I have mentioned a couple of times, on AMP Citrate. I expect to have that up in a couple of days. IN addition to this, I also plan to cover some more details on the new Craze V2 from Driven Sports, as a couple of reviews are starting to show here and there. I will also writer another post on the whole AMP Citrate issue thats happening in US right now, with supplements being pulled from the shelves as I am writing this. In addition to this, I plan to review a couple of new pre workout supplements as well.

If you have any particular supplement that you would like to see reviewed here on simply give me a shout and I will look into it.

That will be it for now. Now its time to get back to my DMBA post and get that stuff finalized…