Nitric Muscle Uptake Reviews – The No.1 all natural supplement?

Nitric Muscle Uptake

Have you always felt envious when seeing other bodybuilders at your gym? Do you usually feel lethargic as far as physical activities at the gym are concerned? You might have spent hours in the gym and tried effective dieting methods, but are you still disappointed to see the results in your body?

The problem might be that there are some supplements lacking in your approach. It is important to include certain supplements for building muscles and toning the body.

If these are major concerns for you, Nitric Muscle Uptake is a reliable all natural supplement to promote body strength and heighten your performance at the gym. It will help you get a toned and bulky body within a short span of time.

It enhances performance during workouts and leads to considerable muscle growth within a reasonably short span of time. In order to be the best, you have to take every advantage and this is especially true in the tough game of bodybuilding. As you grow older, it can become more and more difficult to get a competitive edge and here is where a supplement like Nitric Muscle Uptake can pitch in.

What is Nitric Muscle Uptake?

Nitric Muscle Uptake offers a supplement for bodybuilding workouts. The supplement is a pre work out type that offers inspiration for success in bodybuilding, resulting in more effective and intense results. It is a completely natural supplement that can be used daily before workouts and is aimed at people who want to tone and sculpt their bodies.

It is manufactured by Nitric Muscle Uptake, having its headquarters in Sanford in South Carolina, with the production carried out in Burbank in California. Lifestyle Reset, which is an LLC corporation, owns the company.

How Nitric Muscle Uptake Works

Nitric Muscle Uptake works by enhancing the person’s desire for gym workouts. It has to be taken immediately before the individual hits the gym. It offers enhanced energy levels and body weight and muscle gain, but reduces fat. The person is able to remain more focused on his workouts and is able to perform more consistently and work longer and harder on the workouts at the gym.

The product boosts the white blood cells in the body and this results in improved blood flow all through the body. This eases the building of muscles in the body, which in turn results in depletion of fat and addition of muscle to the body.

It is claimed that the pre workout, all natural supplement causes an increase in the levels of nitric oxide in the body along with the increase of white blood cells.

Ingredients of Nitric Muscle Uptake

Most supplements aimed at boosting energy and muscles come with low quality of ingredients, which have a negative impact in the long run. Nitric Muscle Uptake seems to be more reliable in this respect, as it has impressive ingredients that can be trusted to offer the desired results.


The ingredient increases vasodilation, meaning that it dilates the veins. This results in more amount of nutrients as well as minerals and Nitric Oxide reaching the muscles, causing growth of the muscles. In addition, it also offers a boost to immunity. It can combat symptoms of loss in weight, enhance blood pressure and reduce the recovery time after a surgery.

It increases exercises tolerance. There are some foods available that are natural sources of this ingredient. These are walnuts and hazelnuts as well as peanuts, cashews, almonds, oats, cereals, meat, chicken and chocolate.


This is one of the most effective amino acids available in the market, and helps reduce tiredness, enhances performance and tolerance. With the help of this ingredient in the supplement, good results can be expected. It improves endurance for aerobic as well as anaerobic types of prolonged exercise. It also enhances the power output during a workout.

L-Arginine Monohydrochloride

This ingredient improves the oxygen level in the body and when more oxygen reaches the muscles, the recovery time is increased. This causes a bulkier build and makes the muscles more prominent. The entire process takes place at a much faster rate, when compared to the progress made by the toughest or strongest individuals in the gym.

Dipotassium Phosphate 

This is an important ingredient that is necessary for lean muscles. This ingredient offers Nitric Muscle Uptake the capability of cutting through even the most rigid fat content of the body, resulting in considerable muscle gain on a daily basis. The gains in muscle are made more consistent and steady and this yields enhanced results for body builders.

Beta Alanine 

This is a prime constituent of the supplement. The human body normally produces this ingredient while digesting food. It is also an amino acid and plays an important role when forming the protein fibers in the body. These fibers are like the building blocks to creating muscles. The ingredient also helps the body in several other ways. It increases the amassing of muscles and takes endurance to the next level, resulting in increase of strength.

Benefits of Nitric Muscle Uptake

Many men who have used this all natural supplement before their workout claim that it increases energy levels and allows them to improve performance in the gym. For instance, by taking the supplement prior to the workout, men can lift more weights and also retain the weight for longer periods.

The results of gym workouts are better and more positive for men who use this product, when compared to those undergoing normal workouts without the supplement. It also enhances the endurance or tolerance level of the individual during the workout.

Another advantage of the supplement is connected with individuals who are not able to practice their workout on a daily basis all through the week. In such cases, the supplement boosts the number of workouts in the week and even for the days that he is not able to go to the gym, the product continues to promote the nutrients and the vitamins present in it, allowing him to continue with tough workouts.

When selecting a supplement for boosting muscles, versatility is an important aspect. This means that the product must do more than just enhancement of the muscles. With Nitric Muscle Uptake, it is possible to gain other advantages as well. The multiple positive effects include improved performance at workouts, increased fat loss, muscle recoveries, higher levels of energy, increased power levels and enhanced endurance.



The reputation of a product is a crucial factor and a deal breaker in case of most products, and especially ones that are taken as body supplements. Many men have taken this pre workout supplement before they hit the gym and they have offered glowing reports about the same.

These testimonials can be viewed in many online forums and in magazines and so on. Here are a few such testimonials to the product.

Andrian Gracie, Atlanta

Georgia says that he is more confident and finds a greater focus on the workouts after taking this supplement. It has been effective in increasing the weights on the bar and he is able to sustain himself at the gym for a longer period of time, almost 30 minutes more He also feels that he has shed some fat within three weeks of using the product. It seems to be a great supplement, and he plans on using it regularly.

Buford Burton of Austin, Texas

He finds it difficult to hit the gym on a regular basis and is not able to workout as often as before. He is a new dad and is not able to go to the gym on an everyday basis. However, he wants to maintain a lean and strong body, so he started using Nitric Muscle Uptake for three days in a week.

The supplement lived up to its claims and has offered him substantial benefits. He feels energized and ready for his workout on those days. He can vouch for the fact that it is a great and effective product. It helped him in his ambition to maintain a lean and strong body, though he is not able to give a 100% commitment to his workouts on a daily basis.

Cedric Brooks Of Madison, Wisconsin

Thanks Nitric Muscle Uptake. He is surely a repeat customer for this supplement and is completely satisfied with the product. He has tried several other products before, but most of them made him sick and even hospitalized. This one was excellent with no side effects.

Calvin Dewitt of Salt Lake City, Utah

Says that it is an awesome and highly recommendable product for those looking to improve their performance at the gym, improve muscle mass and develop a lean body structure. The fat burners are very effective and he loves the way it works. It’s a great method for burning stubborn body fat and he will definitely be buying it again.

Charlie Brandon from Indianapolis, Indiana

Says that he tried the Nitric Muscle Uptake supplement for obtaining a sculpted body and today he feels more active throughout the day. Within a few weeks, he could see improvements in his overall health. He no longer finds it difficult to perform his regular workouts at the gym or to lift heavy weights. Everyone in search of an impressive bodybuilding outcome should try this product according to him.


Timeframe for Results

Most individuals looking for supplements to enhance muscles and build the body search for products that can offer immediate and obvious results. The positive aspect of Nitric Muscle Uptake supplement is that it can offer exactly this. If you take this supplement on a regular basis and follow the directions, you can view the results in a short time, almost within the first two or three weeks.

Results may not be very obvious, but the product begins to impact the internals of the body with immediate effect. Once the individual starts taking the supplement, it immediately begins to enhance the Nitric Oxide levels in the body, thereby boosting the nutrients and the minerals in it.

It also starts to cut through the stubborn fat of the body. These changes will slowly start becoming visible in the body and the person will find a growth in muscles and leanness in his body after some weeks of ingesting the product.

After taking the pre workout supplement, he must have a good workout session, thereby incorporating it effectively into a daily routine. The individual will not only appear leaner and bulkier than before, but will also feel more confident in his attitude on the whole.

Safe and Secure Product

The product can be safely taken by men who are healthy and fall in the age group of 18 and above. There are no reported side effects to this all-natural supplement. The formula of the product is such that it guards against any adverse effects on the body. So there is no discomfort or nervousness or any other feelings of discomfort after taking Nitric Muscle Uptake. On the other hand, the individual will feel more positive and energized, so that he can get through the toughest workout with ease.

The supplement is safe to take for those above 18 years of age. However, for people with health problems or in case of those taking some other medications, it would be advisable that they consult their healthcare practitioners before taking the supplement. Nitric Muscle Uptake is generally compatible with other medicines, so it is highly likely that your healthcare professional will approve the use of the supplement.

The makers have done a thorough job while making sure that the supplement is safe for use. There is no booster in the product and it only contains a mix of amino acids, such as arginine and citrulline along with other forms of the arginine compound, ensuring safety. The supplement facts and ingredient details are also mentioned on the label, so that you can ensure its suitability.

The product is manufactured in a safe and clean laboratory located in California and it meets and even exceeds the current standards for safety.

In addition, it is product that is made in the USA and it meets all the required quality controls. The product comes with a thirty-day and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is proven to enhance endurance levels and increases the user’s desire to go for workouts at the gym. Fat loss is assured and you can get a more toned and sculpted body in a safe manner.


It is a pre workout supplement pill and individuals can take two pills about half an hour before hitting the gym. The pills must be taken on a regular and consistent basis in order to magnify the performance during the workouts. It is not necessary to take the pills along with a meal. Those undergoing any serious medical problems must consult with their medical practitioners before taking these supplements. The two capsules taken per day must be taken orally with water.

To get complete results, you have to take the supplement regularly in the prescribed dosage. You must also follow a strict diet and do rigorous workouts for about three months in order to see the best and complete results.


The ingredients are highly potent and effective. These ingredients have been clinically approved and have been tested in laboratories. They are most effective and are also high quality ones. The company makes use of good ingredients, so users can be more confident that an effective or positive product is being introduced in their bodies and in their routine. Some of the top advantages of taking the supplement are:

Quicker Muscle Recovery

Enhanced Strength and muscle mass gain

Improved endurance limits

Enhanced Energy levels

Improved focus and concentration

Improved performance during workouts at the gym 



Highly Recommended 

If you are looking for true and effective results from your body building workouts at the gym, Nitric Muscle Uptake is a highly recommended all natural supplement. You can develop a bulky appearance and ripped muscles without flooding your body with dangerous chemicals. The product far surpasses many others in the competition; so selecting this supplement could be the right move.

It promotes nitric oxide production in your body and helps in activation of energy levels, so that you can perform longer and also harder at the gym. It increases the overall athletic performances of individuals, offering a toned and ripped body. You feel more energetic and refreshed, thereby maximizing training sessions. In addition, the supplement is 100% natural and offers muscle growth without any side effects. It can boost blood levels in the muscles, making them grow strong, big and large.

The results of the supplement are so amazing that it has become very popular. It is being advertised in the top health magazines, such as Men’s Health, Maxim and Men’s Journal. The reason for its popularity is that it consists of natural ingredients and acts quickly and effectively on the muscles.

Significance of The Supplement 

After a certain age, people face different problems like fatigue and loss of stamina and also start gaining weight. In such cases, Nitric Muscle Uptake can offer the perfect supplement for repairing these and other problems of ageing. Those having goals of fitness will realize the importance of muscle enhancers. Many people have used it and seen great results. They are filled with energy and are able to gain muscles without having to use steroid needles.

In short, the supplement offers a pre workout formula that men can use to achieve rock hard bodies. Men who are not able to workout on a daily basis can make use of this supplement, so that every minute spent in the gym becomes productive. Nitric Muscle Uptake can help with such issues by ensuring that the individual focuses on the workout during the limited time allotted for the gym. It results in better capability of burning fat and makes sure that the workout plan is a success.

Getting the Athletic Edge

Intensity of training can be obtained through targeted programs, but supplementation is necessary as food nutrition alone will not be able to cover the strenuous requirements of bodybuilding. It is no longer an optional booster to bodybuilding, but a crucial aspect and a necessity for muscle building and effective performance at the gym. Supplements like Nitric Muscle Uptake are an absolute must for individuals who are serious about consistent and ongoing results.

Doctors and nutritionists could tell you that a perfect ratio made of vitamins along with minerals could also be achieved with a diet consisting of certain vegetables and fruits. However, the soil conditions of today along with different types of pollutants leave much to be desired. Foods are also over processed, so it is almost impossible to get a perfect ratio. Conditions for muscle growth need precision as far as the nutrition is concerned. A good diet alone cannot fill this need. In order to get the edge in athletics, powerful supplements like Nitric Muscle Uptake can help build muscle lose fat and magnify performance, offering lasting results as compared to merely natural means through proper diet alone.

Where to Buy

The supplement is highly recommended for those who want to build a muscular body. It is 100% natural and pure and is a genuine product. Doctors have claimed that it is safe and makes use of natural ingredients. Thousands of men all over the world are using the supplement and are obtaining their dream bodies without any side effects or harm. If you are looking for a higher workout energy and stamina, you can use this supplement without hesitation. Nitric Muscle Uptake is also being offered as trial bottles for those who wish to test the supplement. Claim your trial product while the supplies still last. This trial offer will allow users to get one free bottle of the supplement and try out the product, so that he can make an informed decision.

Nitric Muscle Uptake is available for purchase from the official website. It also offers fourteen days, free trial. You can fill in the online order form and then get the supplement delivered at your doorstep. You may also have to pay a shipping fee in addition to the cost of this supplement. Most of the orders will reach the destination within a week of placement, especially if it is within the US. The company also accepts international orders, though the shipping time might be a little more in this case.