UPS to Discontinue Two DMBA supplements

UPS – Ultimate Performance Supplements (not to be confused with the US based supplement company, UPSLabs), an Australian supplement company, recently informed their Instagram and facebook followers that two supplements from their product line are about to be discontinued due to a manufacturing ban on products containing DMBA (Amp Citrate or DMBA hcl).

I recently posted about the ban of Frenzy from Driven Sports in New Zealand as the product contained DMBA, so I am not really surprised that we continue to see this ban expand it’s reach, down under.

Here is the exact message posted by Ultimate Performance Supplements on Instagram and facebook:

UPS protein; We advise of manufacturing ban of products containing DMBA (known as Amp Citrate or DMBA hcl).
This effects our products
Crazy Pre Workout
Beta Shred fat burning caps

As of today we are advised only of a manufacturing ban and not of a retail ban due to claims the ingredient is deemed Performance enhancing. – UPSprotein on Facebook

This was posted two days ago. UPS to discontinue Crazy and Beta Shred

At the UPS website Crazy is listed as a prop. blend with the following:
Arginine HCL, Arginine AKG, Carnosyn Beta Alanine, 1,3,7- Trimethylxanthine, DMBA (1.3 Dimethylbutylamine hcl), Methyl Synepherine HCL, Vanadium Sulfate, (Food Acid 330) Natural Flavour, Sweetner Sucrolose Colour, E155

Beta Shred Fat Burning Caps have the following dosages listed: Coleus Forskohlii 10:1 (equivalent dried herb extract) 500mg, Camellia Sinensis 12:1 (equivalent dried herb extract) 300mg, Garcinia Cambogia (Hydroxy Citric Acid, 60% HCA) 150mg, DMBA Hcl 100mg, Caffeine Anhydrous 95mg, Red Capsicum 10mg, Paullinia Cupana 4:1 (equivalent dried herb extract) 80mg, Higenamine hcl 24mg, Evodiamine 98% 10mg, Methyl-synephrine Hcl 16mg

Both products contain AMP Citrate; one with 100mg and the other with an undisclosed amount, but probably close to the same level (read; 100mg).

Personally, I expect we will see more of this going forward. Being so similar to DMAA in several different ways, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it getting the same treatment as DMAA got, worldwide. Its probably just a matter of time. Either way, its happening, down under, for now.