Somatodrol Review – Is it Safe? Where to Buy? Benefits?


Somatodrol is a great testosterone supplement that works by providing the body with precursor chemicals which it converts into the human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone. The supplement comes in packages of 60 capsules each, which is enough supply for one to two months. Building of body muscle is a project that can be successfully done by anybody. It encourages many to wake up each day and work towards achieving a good muscle tone. Somatodrol stands out as one of the best protein supplement for effective body building. The main idea of Somatodrol is to offer your body nutritional signs to various hormones which can enhance muscle growth and overall male health. This allows the body to convert them into body building hormones. This increase might support powerful workouts and other factors like libido. The supplement contains many other compounds like vitamin B12, which helps in promoting the general energy levels. Taking the capsules is easy and you are advised to take them with a lot of water which makes them easier to swallow.


Somatodrol works by stimulating the production of human growth hormone and Testosterone in the body. Even though it is regarded as a steroid alternative, it’s vital to note that the product is very effective and very safe for use. The manufacturer claims that the supplement is able to raise Testosterone levels by up to 30% and the growth hormone by 26%. Since Testosterone is accountable for the natural high level of muscle in males as compared to females, an increase in the hormone in the body boosts the muscle growth in men (hypertrophy). You will also experience performance improvements at a high rate.

The Testosterone also aids in reducing the levels of estrogen in the body. The estrogen levels are partly accountable for fat retention which explains why females tend to carry more body fat as compared to men. If men produced more estrogen, they would most likely have more body fat. Somatodrol works by increasing testosterone levels which in turn reduces estrogen levels. This impacts an improvement in performance and muscle growth while also reducing body fat. Moreover, Somatodrol also induces the production of high levels HGH. HGH is found in all living beings and more especially during early life. HGH is responsible for normal growth of child as he or she becomes older. The growth phase slows radically over time. The use of this supplement induces the body to produce more HGH and this influences easier muscle growth, which also results in enhanced performance.

When to Use It?

A person might want to use the Somatodrol supplement when they want to:

· Reduce body fat

· Increase the muscle mass

· Improve the general body performance

These planned uses may be of great benefit to both the average gym goers and the professional or semiprofessional athletes and also all those somewhere in between these categories. The physical needs of an athlete tend to be greater than those of an average gym-goer, the average gym-goer looking to change the body composition, improve muscle endurance, run faster, or become stronger may benefit from a product with great results such as Somatodrol.


There are many questions that may come into mind when you think about a supplement such as Somatodrol. What are the ingredients? Is it harmful or beneficial to your body? What effect does it have on the body? To make this simple, Somatodrol includes special and all-natural ingredients which are adequately powerful to change your lifestyle for the better. These ingredients include Zinc, Boron, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 which are essential in increasing the production of testosterone by up to 30%. It also help in prevention of muscle cramps and relieves muscle tension, causing quick recovery of your muscles, so that you are able to train with an incredible stamina. The ingredient have been briefly discussed into details to show their benefits.

· Arginine and Ornithine: These ingredients both increase the level of Human growth hormone (HGH) by up to 26% by suppressing Somatostatin; the hormone that limits production of HGH. They also reduce tiredness by secreting ammonia and increasing energy efficiency in the body. Moreover, the facilitate muscle growth and fat burning to give you an attractive and smart look. The two above ingredients constitute the GRTH Factor blend which is responsible for increasing levels of HGH by 26%.

Arginine is a bio available version of L-Arginine; an amino acid which increases the levels of nitric oxide levels and also stimulates the HGH and Testosterone production. By raising nitric oxide levels, you will see better pumps, recovery and energy. HGH increase on the other hand encourages muscle growth.

· Beta-alanine: This compounds is said to be available in the supplement in a flawlessly balanced way. It is also said to metabolize into the testosterone compounds within your body. Beta-alanine is also an amino acid and it functions by preventing the build-up of lactic acid which in turn delays the onset of muscle fatigue.

· Vitamin B12: This is another great ingredient which is water-soluble. It is an important vitamin with vital enzymatic roles in metabolism. This vitamin is also popular for providing energy and positive effect on the testosterone levels.

· Guarana: This is a natural form of caffeine which provides energy and helps you focus during your work out. The herbal compound possesses stimulation effects, which might influence metabolism of other products and increase in general body energy.

· Cayenne pepper: This anti-oxidant rich plant is commonly used as an ideal culinary spice and is included as an ingredient in the Somatodrol supplement to facilitate a healthy metabolism and also help in supporting organ functionality. Cayenne Pepper also promotes fat burning in the body.

· Zinc: Zinc is very important since it helps the body in absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that have been consumed by the body. It also helps in alleviating soreness and supports the body’s immune system. Zinc can also be obtained from red meat, eggs, dairy products, bread and seeds.

· Magnesium: This is another great Somatodrol ingredient with great benefits towards the body. It converts food into energy. On top of this, it has been said to be a great sleeping aid. You can find Magnesium in greens, nuts, leafy vegetables, brown rice, meat, fish and dairy products.

· Boron: This is another great ingredient in the supplement which maintains the strength of the bone density and prevent Osteoporosis. It keeps the bones from breaking. Boron can be obtained from beans, whole grains, nuts and avocados.

· Vitamin B6: This vitamin is vital for proper brain function and development. Vitamin B6 also produces Serotonin, which improves mood and contributes to performance.

· Ginger: Somatodrol also consists of ginger which has several health benefits. First, Ginger possesses anti-blood-clotting properties which keeps strokes and heart attacks away. It also helps in maintaining digestion, boosting the immune system and alleviating inflammation and pain.

· The supplement also contains cloves which help in prevention of muscular pain and inflammation. This allows users to maximize their workouts fully.


Somatodrol is entirely natural, healthy, free of steroids and non-habit forming. This makes the supplement very beneficial in many ways. The following are some of the great benefits of the product with brief explanations to show its effectiveness and efficiency in performance;

· Increased body energy. 

By using Somatodrol, your body will be stimulated to produce more HGH and testosterone. With appropriate feeding and workout, the increase in levels of hormones will enable you achieve your targets quicker and more efficiently. More testosterone implies that you will consequently have more energy, stamina and strength whereas, more levels of HGH factor the repair of the muscle tissue and faster growth, you will also get a better sleep at night, feel more energetic and younger.

· Improves the general body health. 

Increasing the level of growth hormones contributes to the improvement of your general body health. Some of the supplement’s ingredients such as vitamin B6 aid in proper brain development and functioning.

· Natural ingredients.

Somatodrol consists of all-natural ingredients which makes it very legit. It has no fillers, chemicals or any unnatural ingredients. This makes it entirely healthy and very safe for use.

· Improved fat burning.

This supplement is made to facilitate fat burning within the body to give you an attractive look

· Improved power output and greater muscular endurance.

Increasing your muscle provides a more appealing and pleasing frame, which is perfect for bodybuilding. This effect tends to be of equal advantage to an average person, since an improved body appearance gives you greater confidence. Improved performance which includes greater power and strength or muscular endurance may benefit average lifters, athletes and hardcore lifters since these attributes help in improving performance from gym workouts to competitions.

· Helps you become more productive.

Improvements in your physical abilities tend to transfer into your daily life. The improved performance and abilities allows an individual to do better at work, especially in jobs that are physically intensive. It may also enable a person to become more active in physical family activities.

· A boost in your relationships.

Somatodrol is ideal for strengthening relationships. The supplement gives you the interest of doing more and also creates good mood. Women often prefer good looking and well-shaped men with a huge attractive muscle. This may also come as a self-confidence boost to males.


Every person has his or her own review and experience about any kind of supplement since they have different effects on different individuals. Several guys however applauded this product declaring that they produced great results.

Some of the testimonials given by satisfied customers include;

Robert said, “When I started working out, I was fat. I lost my weight quickly but still had no muscles. After using Somatodrol, I experienced my first results after 12 weeks whereby my chest had finally gotten bigger, this is definitely a great product”

Another happy user, Simon, commented, “I always carry out full series. I gained some muscles but they were not visible. Somatodrol however helped me see the difference since now I have the body I had always dreamt of. Big up to this supplement.”

Tom added, “Somatodrol is my way to success. My body has become a HGH and testosterone bomb. My body regenerates fast and I’m always ready for the next workout. This is definitely one of the best supplements ever”

Another one appreciated the health benefits of the product by commenting, “The supplement works by increasing testosterone production and HGH production naturally and this has given me the confidence of using it. My end goal of increasing my body muscles and deceasing my body fat became a success thanks to the great muscle growth supplement.”

Peterson said, ”Somatodrol is an ideal food supplement that works as a great fat burner and muscle accelerator. The product did a great job to my body and am very grateful to the manufacturers. “


Since Somatodrol possesses both muscle building and fat burning potential, a person may ether use it during a cutting or a gaining cycle. The end results would depend on the amount of macronutrient and level of calories that a person consumes. For instance, if a bodybuilder consumes more calories than they are burning during a gain cycle, it may result in greater induction of hypertrophy, which leads to greater muscle acceleration.

If an individual uses Somatodrol in a cutting cycle while reducing the macronutrient and calories, it may result in an easier cut, whereby more muscle will be retained and more fats lost. In a cutting cycle, one needs to walk a fine line so as to minimize fat while retaining the muscle.

It is important to notice that most supplements take time to portray maximum results. While there isn’t a standard length of time for expecting the results from this great muscle builder, the manufacturers recommend usage for about 4 to 12 weeks before expecting to observer some results. After about 10 weeks you will definitely feel better about yourself after your muscle increases and your general performance and endurance improves.


When compared with other pharmaceutical grade steroids like testosterone and HGH, Somatodrol stands out in a big way regarding safety of use. This goes on even when the product is compared to other legal products in the market. The following are some great reasons which make this product safe for use.

· Somatodrol has no side effects which makes it safe for many users. Unlike Illegal steroids or some of the other legal counterparts which have potentially serious side effects, this supplement is totally safe and definitely worth a try.

· Contrary to other hormonal supplements and steroids, Somatodrol is taken orally which is totally safe. Some of the other products are used via injection and this needs an individual to inject the hormonal product or steroid through their skin into the muscle. Lack of proper injection may cause pain, infection and other harmful complications. People without appropriate training in the usage of needles put themselves at risk with this process.

· The supplement may also be compared with other oral products in terms of safety of use. Somatodrol still provides the better option. Unlike other Oral steroids, this supplement does not cause stomach upset or lead to liver damage after long term use. This is because of the all-natural ingredients used in this product.

· On top of the absence of side effects, this supplement offers relatively greater positive effects as compared to its steroidal counterparts. It may not increase testosterone levels and HGH levels as fast as steroid products but its reduced potency is what makes it much safer for use.

· Another thing to consider about the safety of this supplement is the legality of Somatodrol as compared to other steroidal agents. Nonetheless, the supplement is accessible from reputable sources whereas steroids might come from sources that are questionable.

· The final results are based on the genetic predispositions, individual workout schedule and metabolism. From various surveys, people have rarely mentioned any side effects of this product. Only those with sensitive internal body systems have poised a few complains.

· It is important to note that this product is only intended for men. For muscle gaining, there is no doubt that HGH and testosterone are very helpful. With its attention and focus on naturally increasing the important hormones, Somatodrol makes a great option whether you are alone or part of a stack.

· The supplement has been scientifically proven to be 100% Effective.

· The formula is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).

· On purchase, Somatodrol comes with a money back guarantee

· The product has garnered more positive reviews and feedback from users than negative ones which still proves its effectiveness and safety of use. 

· It is easy to take; comprises of small capsules to be taken twice a day.


Somatodrol is a low dose supplement which needs only 1-2 pills in a day. The manufacturer advises you to take the pills with water on an empty stomach. In summary, when a given entity makes such a recommendation for their supplement, it means that the supplement should be absorbed in the body. Some supplements such as somatodrol are absorbed better without other solid substances like food or other additional supplements in the way. When the other substances are ingested together with these types of products, it may reduce the efficiency of the supplement. Just like any other supplement, if Somatodrol leads to stomach upset, the user is recommend to consume something which will settle the stomach down. Even though 2 pills are maximum dosage recommended, it is advisable to start with smallest effective dose before moving to a stronger dosage. Some individuals will react to a smaller dose initially, but will need to increase their dosage over time. Others may do well with the small dose and find that the bigger dosage is too much for them. Others may still find the small dose not effective at all or not effective enough. Beginning with a smaller dose allows the user to assess all this.

The manufacturer doesn’t provide any recommendation associated with the exact time of day for taking the pills. It is however a common recommendation to consume your hormonal products before bedtime. This is because when you are asleep, the body enters into a regenerative state and possesses the greatest ability for hormone production. This is the time which the body rests and recovers from mental and physical stresses as well. You should ensure to accompany Somatodrol with a proper nutrition and exercise schedule. Without this, the product alone will not offer the lean, muscular body that you want to achieve. By putting minimal effort into your nutrition and exercises. The results will not be as desired. Ensure to eat well and have an active and regular work out plan so as to get the best kind of results from this great supplement.


Somatodrol is easily accessible online through the official website. The product is sold worldwide and thus is readily available. Its main website is even translated into many different languages so as to attract users from all over the world. It is vital to notice that you won’t find this supplement through other retailers such as or The muscle growth booster comes with many benefits which include enhanced performance, increased energy, improved health as well as fat burning potential. It is also proven safe for use in many ways and according to most user reviews and comments, the product is very effective in performance.

Somatodrol has its official Website from where you can easily place your purchase order. They also have an option of a trial package which is also limited. No matter where you are in the world, do not hesitate to order one of this great products via its main website and be ready to enjoy its several benefits and great effectiveness in bodybuilding. Somatodrol will have you surprised with its genuine impact on your body in terms of mood, performance, energy as well as physique. It also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which is hassle free. This among other many great benefits make the product worth a purchase.

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