Alpha Force Testo Review – Benefits and Side Effects

Alpha Force Testo

What is alpha force testo?

It can be described as a workout supplement for testosterone boosting. Alpha force testo has been formulated to promote rapid lean muscle gain, boost performance and power, maximize workouts, burn fat, heighten energy levels and stimulate free testosterone levels in the body.

The supplement uses an all-natural formula with every ingredient being derived from extracts, minerals and plants. With this in mind, it has been considered to be a legal and safe way for men to increase performance levels, physical fitness in the gym, everyday life and in games. Alpha force testo is sold and marketed to men worldwide. Men are advised to take it with a healthy diet and a rigorous workout program.

The workout supplement has also been said to effectively boost testosterone levels of senior males who have lower t-levels due to age. This move helps such men to restore vitality and strength. The product has also been reported to be helpful to weightlifters and body builders who are looking for a great boost’ to increase their strength. Additionally, the supplement is marketed to athletes who wish to naturally and legally ramp up their sport performance. Lastly, its marketing targets any man who wants to be more energetic, stronger and fitter than he is presently.

A private held company known as Alpha Force Testo is behind the development of this great supplement. Their headquarters is in Tampa, Florida, with another branch in North York, Ontario Canada. Additional information can be found on the company’s official website.

Even though this is the case, the information is limited to notification of the company’s auto shipping program and customer service philosophy. The company may need to post some additional information about their history in order to assist customers understand more about the company.

Apart from alpha force testo, the company also manufactures other fitness and health supplements. Their experience in marketing, developing and researching dietary muscle building products has made customers become more inclined to trust the company than they might others in the same industry.

According to the official website of the company, all the supplements they manufacture have been approved and tested by the United States National Supplement Standards. Alpha force testo’s website is professional and clean-looking. For clarity of communication all the company’s policies are outlined clearly in simple and plain English.


How does it work?


This supplement has been designed to stimulate a chemical reaction in a man’s body that will increase the levels of free testosterone. Therefore, strength, energy and male performance traits are boosted. The physical boost causes the body to experience greater power and strength, which in turn fuels more strenuous and longer training sessions.

Optimization of a workout will often lead to an improved overall physicality, more fat burned and an increase in lean muscle mass. It is accomplished in two ways: inhibition of chemicals that suppress or block this process and by active testosterone production. Extracts in the formula also assist to improve nutrient delivery to working muscles, relax blood vessels walls resulting with maximum oxygen intake and improvement of blood flow.


Recommended dosage

Alpha force testo is available in form of a capsule. The developer advices people to take a full dose daily with a protein shake or glass of water. Users of the supplement are advised to avoid exceeding the maximum recommended dose. The best results will be achieved with consistent and ongoing use of the recommended dose.

Just like with any dietary supplement, it is wise to consult with your primary care physician before using it. This is the same case for supplements that are 100% natural. The reason behind such a recommendation is the possibility of allergic reactions and/or medication interactions with some users.



The manufacturer of alpha force testo maintains that the formula blend only contains natural ingredients and does not have any synthetic hormones added.

Alpha Force Testo Tongat Ali

Tongkat Ali: is one of its primary ingredients. It is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia.

The flowering plant is believed to be very effective in improving blood flow, increasing thermogenic capabilities and elevating energy levels by many people in the weightlifting community. Most importantly, many people believe it to be quite effective in raising testosterone levels significantly. This is why it is a market leader when it comes to body building supplements.

Panax Ginseng is another major ingredient in the formula used to manufacture alpha force testo. It can be described as a perennial root that grows slowly. Panax Ginseng is believed to be very effective in boosting nitric oxide and testosterone. Additionally, it is known to be capable of expanding blood vessels and arteries.

This in turn allows blood rich in oxygen to pass more easily to tissues of the muscles. Panax Ginseng is also a popular supplement in sports. Many athletes believe it is very capable of speeding up muscle repair and increasing performance. Some athletes have also said it possesses very strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Alpha Force Testo saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto: is another key ingredient you will find in alpha force testo. Also known as Serenoa Repens, it is a fruit extract discovered to be rich in phytosterols and fatty acids. It is believed to be quite a potent testosterone booster by many body builders.

Bodybuilders are of the belief that the ingredient is good at converting testosterone to its most potent form, DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Other ingredients listed in the supplement include Astazanthin (Haemactococcus pluvialis), Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum), Lycopene, Tribulus terrestris, Japanese Knotweed and African Wild Mango.


What are the benefits of the product?


One of the major advantages of the product is that it has a free trial. This means that an interested individual will be able to get a chance to try it before they buy it. If you have purchased supplements in the past, you will understand the need for a trial period.

It is during this time that you will be able to know the pros and cons of any product through your personal experience. Additionally, you will have the chance to determine whether the product is more efficient than others you have used or not. Alpha force testo offers an 18 day trial period. This time is more than enough to determine whether it works for you. All you may be required to pay to be part of the trial is the shipping and handling. Compared to the cost of the product, this is quite small.

Secondly, alpha force testo promises users it will restore energy, strength and vitality. As men in general and many in the fitness community are well aware, testosterone is a natural occurring steroid hormone which starts to decrease gradually once someone is thirty years old.

Loss of testosterone is associated with decreased hard muscle mass, less stamina, a flabbier body and fatigue. As long as a person uses it consistently, the manufacturer promise restored t-levels. This will in turn lead to greater strength and stamina, increased lean muscle and higher energy levels. By maximizing power and strength for better workout capacity, the product promises to help users to burn fat quickly and ramp up musculature.

Another benefit that the product promises is faster muscle recovery. One of the things that make this possible is amino acids in the product. They are instrumental in repairing muscle tissue, which in turn allows for less downtime for recovery and more intense workouts.

Anti-inflammatory properties of the supplement are also key to soothing pains and aches resulting from a rigorous workout routine. An important factor in increasing or boosting blood flow is the nitric oxide production. When blood flow is increased, the end result is pumping restorative oxygen and blood flow to stressed musculature. An especially beneficial feature to competitive athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders is the post-workout recovery.

Another major advantage touted by the manufacturer of alpha force testo is fat loss. A large number of people in the fitness supplement industry are of the belief that testosterone plays a major part in weight gain. This is especially the case when the weight gain is age related.

Therefore, increasing the production of t-levels is believed by many to be an effective way to naturally and safely reduce fat. Majority of the ingredients present in the product are also thought to be good at regulating hormone production. The manufacturer states that consistent use of this testosterone booster will elevate thermogenic capabilities. As a result, the body will be able to burn more calories while at rest. The body will also be able to promote energy levels resulting with better workouts.



I never believed it would be possible to out-bench my friend who has been working out way longer than me. However, after three months of using alpha force testo, I was able to achieve it! Since then he has been asking me what my secret weapon is, and I just had to tell him. These capsules have provided me with the energy I needed to get ripped and blaze through any workout session. So far I have not been victim to any side effects, and I find the taste to be okay. Anyone who is looking to train harder should try this supplement. It worked for me and will work for them – Mike, Sales Consultant, Birmingham, AL.  

I use another awesome t-boosting supplement together with this stuff and the power combo I get is simply mind blowing! For starters, my lifting sessions last twice as long and with less downtime. I also discovered that since I started taking alpha force testo I have experienced a significant decrease in muscle soreness. There is no reason why the product cannot be a great addition to your training regime as long as you are willing to train hard and your expectations are realistic. I must say the supplement has taken my session to a level I did not think possible. Richard, Nutritionist in Grand Rapids, MI. 

I know alpha force testo is responsible for getting me into shape way faster than I would have without it. No supplement I have tried before has been able to increase my workout intensity the same way. I have firmed up like crazy and dropped five pounds because I was able to train harder for almost twice as long. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects so far, and I have been able to easily add it to my training regimen. It has definitely positively impacted my workout game. James, Software Engineer, San Diego, CA.

As I have become a senior (entering my fifties) I have noticed I am not as stacked as I used to be nor am I nearly as energetic. I decided to try out the free trial and I must say it was the right decision! Not only do I have the energy to take care of things around the house and hang out with my family after work, I now have the zip to power through all my workouts. Currently, my wife and I have become fond and big fans of this supplement. I have recommended it to my age mates and I strongly encourage older men to try it. Mark, Greenwich Village, NY.


Where to buy the product

The product can be purchased from the company’s official website. You will get information on the cost of the product and the available payment plans. At the same time, you can get more information on shipment costs and how you can have it delivered to your country or state.

If you are unable to purchase using the methods provided, you can contact their customer care service for assistance. Take note that there are other third part websites who have started selling the product. Make sure they are recommended by the company before you make an order. It will also be wise to ensure you read testimonials from different buyers before you make a choice.


Alpha force testo seems to be a great product for anyone who works out or has an active physical life. The testimonials provided by users of the product show that it is quite effective for use with people of different ages. Since there have been no known side effects documented, it means the product is safe to use.

Additionally, everyone who has used it has stated they have gotten positive results. Currently, there are plenty of supplements that claim miracles when it comes to workouts. Finding one that actually provides the desired results is not easy. This is why alpha force testo comes highly recommended by experts and amateurs in the health and fitness industry.

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