Muscle X Factor Review – Benefits and Side Effects

Muscle X Factor

About the product

It is no secret that we all want to flaunt a ripped body. We want washboard abs, toned arms and a muscular back. Basically, we all want the physique of Leonidas from 300 but only few people are able to achieve it. There are a plethora of pre workout supplements in the market that promise 6 pack abs and chiseled chest, shoulders and chest but you should be cautious as not all are effective. Muscle factor X is one of the most recent and most effective pre workout supplement on the market.

What is Muscle X Factor ?

Muscle Factor X is a popular muscle boosting supplement. It is specially designed to help people get strong muscles, lean body mass and ripped physique.

It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that work by raising testosterone levels in the body giving you more energy before workout. This supplement charges the body’s natural processes to increase your pump which in turn enables you to have longer and more efficient workout sessions.

The L-Arginine that make up most of the blend of natural amino acids works as body boosting catalyst providing results that only few other supplements can obtain.

Upon taking this effective pre workout supplement, your body will begin to respond almost immediately giving you a leg up in the gym. Gains will come faster and you will be able to go for hours leading to higher fat loss and more muscle mass.

How it works

Most body building supplements increase protein intake and give you more energy which in turn helps you to stay longer in the gym while the protein content repairs the muscles after workout. But Muscle factor X is different.

It works by stimulating the body in a way that supercharges the natural processes. This is done using a unique blend of natural ingredients that that specially formulated for people looking to gain lean muscle mass as well as lose weight. This pre workout supplement works by warding off the problems of low energy levels and existing fat tissue in three ways.

A major aspect of this supplement is its ability to increase the user’s metabolic rate. When metabolism is increased, the body is able to burn calories faster which leads to fat loss. Since the burned calories are used by the body, you end up feeling less lethargic and more energized.

Increased metabolic rate kicks in within a day or two of staring the daily dosage but it can take close to a week to kick into a full gear.

The energy boost from the increased metabolism is part of the energy added to the body but the supplement also acts a sort of pump inducer that makes the muscles feel less tired during the day and most importantly during workout.

An increase in muscle pump is caused by increase in the flow of blood to the major muscle groups. When you take this supplement daily, the body begins to develop a routine that assist the cardiovascular system in delivering sufficient oxygen to different body parts.

Lastly, as more energy is expelled and the metabolic rate increases, you also experience a boost in testosterone levels. Increased testosterone levels make you feel more energetic allowing you to workout for longer, feel less anxious during the day and even during workout sessions. Men with low testosterone levels often complain of irritability, feeling tired and inability to work for long in the gym.

How long to expect results

You do not have to wait for long to achieve the desired results. Regular use of this supplement for just a few weeks will make you experience significant changes in your body’s strength.

Muscle Factor ingredients

Natural ingredients in Muscle factor X serve as the basis for its smooth functioning. It is formulated with the use of all-natural ingredients which are free from the risk of having artificial or harmful substances.

· L-Argenine

L-Arginine is the primary ingredient of Muscle Factor X. It contains 26 mg of L-Arginine.

L-Arginine was discovered in late 1970s to help enhance the production of Nitric Oxide. It has been used in countless of pre workout supplements and is sometimes paired with natural aphrodisiacs to help treat erectile dysfunction.

According to studies, L-Arginine enhances the secretion of growth hormone. This helps you to work through the muscle plateau. Combined with a diverse workout routine, Muscle factor X will help you get over the dreaded lull in muscle growth and get ripped.

There are three variants of L-Arginine contained in Muscle factor X as well as Dipotassium Phosphate (a food additive) and L-Citrulline (an amino acid).

Each of these chemicals have different effects on the body making it important that they are all included in combination with each other. As the main ingredients, their main purpose is to increase the activity of nitric oxide in the body which gives you the testosterone and metabolic boosting benefits.

· L-Citrulline

In addition to L-Arginine, Muscle factor x also contains less chemicals such as L-Citrulline that is added for its testosterone boosting benefits. Though the levels of testosterone are enhanced with the increase in energy levels, L-Citrylline further amplifies this effect.

Each tablet contains about 5mg of L-Citrulline.

· Dipotassium phosphate

Another ingredient found in small quantities is Dipotassium phosphate which is basically water soluble salt. It helps to keep the other ingredients fresh during manufacturing as well as throughout the shelf life. Without this, the supplement would need to be taken within few days of manufacturing making it impossible to produce in bulk.

Almost all pre packaged foods contain a small amount of Dipotassium. In muscle factor X, each tablet contains about d4mg of this food additive.


I would certainly recommend this workout supplement to all my friends. It been only 12 weeks of using and the results are just amazing. My muscles are well developed, I can workout for longer sessions and I have stronger muscular physique. I cannot explain my transformation in words. This product is highly effective.

Mayson. Dubois, Pennsylvania

I could literally feel blood pumping through my veins in just 15 minutes of taking this supplement. It was an amazing feeling especially when working out in the gym. Previously, my workout sessions only lasted for an hour but with muscle factor X, I am able to beat the three hours mark. This supplement is certainly worth every coin.

Rodger Pennsylvania

I have always been skeptical on pre work out supplements but upon seeing my friends who have been using muscle factor X for a while now, I must say I am totally glad that I tried it. Mu muscles are stronger, I have massive energy and I have been able to shed off the excess pounds that I have been struggling with for ages. Now taking a pill of muscle factor X in the morning and another after lunch has become normal to me.

Mike T, Boston

Having tried countless of protein supplements before mu workouts getting disappointed, I did not have any hopes for muscle factor X which was recommended by my instructor. I must say I am surprised when my maximum lifts began to increase faster that I thought. Once I start to workout, my body just feels to keep going while in the past I would feel exhausted in barely an hour into my workout session.

Daron, Texas

Benefits of taking Muscle X Factor

Energy is in plenty when taking Muscle Factor X which is important during workout. In order to get the most out of your gym sessions, taking muscle factor X is vital to keeping the body primed to a point where you can begin to develop big gains. When you have a lot of energy and you use it during workout, you will obtain the desired results as well as recover faster the next day.

Since this pre workout supplement also increases your testosterone levels your body will not suffer from low levels. Most men from about 35 years experience a natural decline in the level of testosterone. Though it is normal, it does not have to happen. Taking Muscle factor X tablet twice daily will help maintain the production of testosterone. High levels of testosterone leads to efficient gains as the body is bale to repair any damaged muscles in a timely manner.

As aforementioned, muscle factor x works by increasing the metabolism rate as you try to trim body fat. If you keep the calorie intake lower than the amount the body expends daily, you will notice reduction in weight. Regular use of this supplements will lead to increased metabolism rate leading to faster weight loss. As the body breaks down the excess fat, the energy expelled needs to go somewhere. If you workout, it will go straight into enhancing muscle mass.

The above three benefits of muscle factor X have a symbiotic relationship with each other. The high energy levels lead to increased metabolic rate and boosts the level of testosterone. Finding all these benefits in a single supplement is something that is not easily seen.


Each bottle of muscle factor x contains 60 pills. To get the most out of the tablet, you should take it twice a day. Take one pill before breakfast or before the morning workout sessions and the other at midafternoon with 8 ounces of water.

You should begin with half the dosage, that is one capsule daily to assess your tolerance and you should not exceed two capsules per day.

Since it is a powerful fat burner, do not take it in the night so that the body can go through the natural sleep rhythm.


Muscle factor x contains caffeine. Therefore, you should not take it if you wish to eliminate the ingredient from your diet.

For faster results, use it along with an exercise program and reduced fad diet. Also, consider limiting the intake of caffeine containing beverages and foods while taking this supplement as too much caffeine causes rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness and nervousness.


Precaution when taking muscle factor X

· Muscle factor x should not be used by persons under the age of 18.

· Do not take this supplement if you are pregnant, have any medical condition or you are nursing.

· In case you experience any adverse reactions, you should stop using it and consult a physician immediately.

Where to buy

The best place to buy muscle factor x is the official website. Once you sign up and provide your credit card details, the package is shipped to you via USPS.

Depending on the location, it takes about 3-5 days business days to arrive.

The supplement is shipped in plain boxes with no description to keep the secret to yourself. Since it is daily supplement, there are no restriction on shipping and it can delivered to both post office boxes and homes.

Every month, a new bottle is shipped and an email is sent to you with the tracking number. This ensures that the regimen is not interrupted as it can be difficult to remember to order a new supplement after every 30 days.

In case you need to change the address, you can contact the customer care so that the next shipment is sent to the new location.

However, if you are not satisfied with the supplement, you can request for a refund as long as the next bottle has not been shipped yet. In case of damage or a defective order, you can request for a refund in 30 days. To receive the refund, you should send the bottle back to the manufacturer.

Approved refunds are processes in 7 business days and it takes an additional 10 business days to reflect on your credit card statement.


Getting jacked should not be hard when taking an effective supplement. 

Muscle factor x is certainly worth trying. They will not only help you achieve the kind of body you have always wanted but also boost your energy and testosterone levels. The fact that it contains all natural ingredients is an added bonus. Take advantage of the 30 days trial and find out if this pre workout supplement products will work for you. You could be among the thousands of users who get impressive results.



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