Nutragentex Review – Does it Really Work?


Anyone looking to build muscle knows it’s a tough job. It takes a lot of dedication and long hours in the gym to achieve a great physique and build strength. Furthermore, you still need a proper workout regimen to succeed as a bodybuilder or high-performance athlete. If you are not using a powerful supplement, or if you are taking the wrong one, great results could be a distant dream. What’s more, using the wrong supplement is not only a waste of money but could pose serious health risks.

Natural Supplements: The Performance Boosters For Top Bodybuilders

Strenuous physical exercises exert a lot of stress on the body. Unless done properly, heavy workouts can cause tissue damage and severe injuries. Healthy supplements can give you a much-needed boost and help you build muscle faster and prevent injuries. They also help you recover more quickly and allow you to endure tougher and longer workouts. Choosing the right supplement to complement efforts in the gym is, therefore, a choice you should not take lightly.

Why Boost Your Testosterone Hormone Levels?

To appreciate the importance of testosterone boosting supplements, you must understand the tremendous effects and benefits of this hormone. It is produced mainly by the testes, and to a lesser extent, by the adrenal glands situated on top of the kidneys.

The male hormone testosterone is the cornerstone of male physical and sexual performance. Also known own as the macho hormone, Testosterone is responsible for muscle development and strength, physical endurance, libido and every other male characteristic among many other biochemical processes in the body.

Keeping the level of this hormone at optimal levels is especially vital for bodybuilders and anyone engaging in intense physical activity.

Several factors can cause low testosterone levels in the body. After age 30, most men do experience a gradual decline in testosterone, which is a natural effect of aging. Diseases such as cancer and injury to the testes can also cause a dip in the levels of the hormone.

Low testosterone will lead to a lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and low sperm count, all of which contribute to male infertility. It will also cause a decrease in lean muscle mass and bone density, along with an increase in the fat composition of muscles. This causes a decline in physical strength and unfavorable fat distribution in the body. Because testosterone boosts the production of red blood cells, low levels of the hormone lead to an inability to endure vigorous exercise.

What is Neutragentex?

Neutragentex is a revolutionary health supplement that is fast becoming a sensation in the bodybuilding industry. Billed as a top performance booster and workout supplement, Neutragentex is helping bodybuilders, fitness models, powerlifters and elite athletes achieve a level of performance few supplements can provide. The supplement, made entirely of safe and natural ingredients, boosts your testosterone hormone levels for greater strength and bodybuilding ability.

Neutragentex helps you to increase your energy levels for longer and tougher workouts. The increased stamina will lower post-workout fatigue and prevent burnout. What makes this supplement unique from many others in the market is its great post-workout effects. Most supplements concentrate on the period before and during workouts, neglecting the critical recovery time.

As any expert bodybuilder knows, muscles grow during rest, and not when working out. The recovery phase involves tissue rebuilding and repair, which allows your muscles to strengthen, bulk up and achieve greater stamina. The ingredients in Neutragentex stimulate the brain and body to divert nutrients and energy to muscle cells that need them to rebuild and repair after high resistance training

Neutragentex stimulates protein synthesis, a natural process in the creation of muscle cells. This makes your muscles grow much faster, giving you the desired bulk and ripped muscle. You will be able to achieve a larger physique in a shorter period, thanks to the effect Neutragentex has on cell growth and recovery.

How Does Neutragentex work?

Neutragentex immediately boosts your energy levels after you take the capsules, which is important before you hit the gym. Low energy levels can prevent you from training after a long day at work, a result of decreased testosterone levels. Neutragentex gives you that energy kick that allows you to have the motivation and mental focus to persevere high-intensity workouts.

Neutragentex further increases the repair of micro tears in muscle fibers which are created by intense workouts. It is the repair of these tears in muscle tissue which leads to a much larger muscle bulk. Without the right nutrients and testosterone hormone levels, the repair of muscle fibers cannot occur.

Muscles need high testosterone levels during the period of rest and rejuvenation, which rebuilds energy reserves and strengthens muscle tissues for more intense training.

Rather than depleting your muscles after intense exercise, which can lead to less bulk and weaker muscle fibers, you will instead build tissue and energy. Using Neutragentex allows you to shorten recovery times so you can get back to training sooner.

In addition, Neutragentex increases the metabolism of fat in the body. Lowering fat content and increasing muscle bulk results in more rippled muscle. It also prevents accumulation of fat in muscles and around the belly for a leaner body physique.

Ingredients in Neutragentex Supplement

Neutragentex contains wholly natural ingredients which are extracted from plants and packed in capsules. It does not include any additives, chemicals, steroids, or artificial performance boosters.

The active ingredients in Neutragentex are as follows:

1. Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris is an extract from puncture vine, a flowering plant common in most parts of the world. It has been employed for centuries as an Ayurvedic herb to boost male physical and sexual performance and health. The herb is known to have testosterone boosting properties, and also improves cardiovascular and urinogenital health. It is widely proven to increase male libido and physical strength dramatically.

Tribulus Terrestris reduces oxidative stress in tissues, which makes it an ideal post-workout supplement. This ability allows damaged and stressed muscle cells to recover faster from strenuous exercise.

It also boosts the circulatory system by expanding blood vessels and improving heart function, which is essential for proper oxygen and nutrients supply to the muscles. This ensures peak performance during high-intensity physical activity.

2. Tongkat Ali

Known as Malaysian Ginseng, this herb was traditionally used to boost male libido and increase energy levels. The extract has repeatedly been proven to increase testosterone hormone levels, which creates a knock-on effect on male physical strength, athletic performance, stamina, and libido. It also boosts semen quality and sperm count, which decline naturally with age.

For bodybuilders, the higher testosterone levels due to Tongkat Ali is essential for faster growth and better bone health. The supplement has helped professional athletes to build muscle more quickly and increase bone density. It also helps you lose fat and gain lean body mass for a more ripped physique.

3. D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is an essential amino acid that is converted in the testes and found naturally in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Despite being critical for maintaining healthy testosterone levels, the amounts of DAA in the body can decrease due to age and dietary insufficiency.

DAA is a clinically proven testosterone enhancer. Several studies have shown that DAA can substantially raise testosterone levels in men, and reverse the effects of low levels of the hormone such as reduced libido and low physical strength. It is especially useful in people with less than normal testosterone levels.

DAA is a safe supplement, which when taken by bodybuilders, increases the anabolic effects of testosterone. Your body will be able to build muscle tissue faster, leading to increased bulk and stamina. It is also an effective supplement for maintaining muscle mass.

Many men find it difficult or impractical to consume a high protein diet to preserve their muscle mass. This can lead to loss of muscle tissue and a sagging body. Taking DAA can help you maintain your ripped and lean muscle mass.

4. Panax Ginseng

Otherwise known as Korean Ginseng, this herb has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for over 5000 years. Ginseng is one of the most revered of all herbal therapies. It is known to boost testosterone hormone and improve many essential functions in the body such as immunity, energy, physical endurance, and sexual performance.

Neutragentex contains this healthy and safe supplement, which combines well with other ingredients to boost muscle recovery after heavy workouts. It also increases your energy levels to enable you to work out for longer periods. Ginseng is particularly effective in increasing energy during times of mental exhaustion and tiredness.

Panax Ginseng is also well known for boosting nitric oxide levels in the blood, which promotes libido and stronger erections in men.

5. L-Arginine

Synthesized naturally in the body, the amino acid L-Arginine is essential for bodybuilding in several ways. It is a vital ingredient in almost every bulking supplement. It is useful in muscle growth, critical cellular functions and in reducing heart failure and high blood pressure.

L-Arginine is required for the synthesis of most proteins, which contributes to muscle development during workouts. The amino acid also signals cells in the muscles to increase the production of growth hormone and the metabolism of fat. By lowering fat levels and increasing muscle growth, L-Arginine gives you a lean and bulkier muscle mass.

L-Arginine is also a precursor of nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation. This leads to increased blood supply to the muscles, providing essential nutrients and oxygen during intense workouts. This prevents muscle damage, increases peak performance, and promotes tissue repair. Other benefits of L-Arginine include boosting immunity by eliminating free radicals that damage body cells.

6. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is probably the most vital of all vitamins for bodybuilders and elite athletes. It is found in whole grains, green vegetables such as spinach and kale, as well as beans and other legumes.

Vitamin B6 is essential for protein synthesis, a process central to building muscle. It also promotes the production of growth hormone, which significantly increases your muscle mass and fat metabolism. Vitamin B6 is also necessary for energy production from carbohydrates consumed in the diet. Taking adequate amounts of this vitamin, therefore, increases your energy levels for more intense workouts.

7. Zinc

Zinc has numerous benefits for our general health. It is essential in boosting immunity, healing wounds and promoting the action of many enzymes. Nutragentex contains adequate amounts of zinc for bodybuilders since it is also a proven testosterone booster.

Zinc further helps in protein synthesis, the primary process involved in muscle development during bodybuilding. Zinc also improves sleep, which helps in post workout recovery.

Benefits Of Nutragentex

Many supplements on the market contain either fake ingredients or ineffective amounts of the active ingredients. A good bodybuilding supplement must provide valid and discernable results without adverse side effects. Nutragentex has proven useful in this regard, which makes it a go-to supplement for serious bodybuilders and high-performance athletes.

Nutragentex has several benefits that include:

1. Increased Testosterone Levels

Neutragentex contains powerful natural ingredients that work to enhance your testosterone levels. Whether you suffer from declining hormone levels as you age, or want higher levels of improved performance, Nutragentex has the best combination of testosterone boosting ingredients for you. Increasing your hormone levels has numerous benefits that include better sexual health, increased stamina, and faster muscle development.

2. Faster Recovery Times After Intense Workouts

The combination of active ingredients in Nutragentex is aimed specifically at lowering recovery times. Most athletes neglect the post-workout recovery period which is the most critical phase for building muscle mass. Soon after an intense physical workout, your muscles require sufficient amounts of testosterone, nutrients, and oxygen to repair damaged muscle fiber. This process results in greater muscle mass and improved endurance.

Nutragentex is unique among bodybuilding supplements since it focuses on this crucial recovery period. This makes it more efficient as a muscle builder and performance enhancement supplement.

3. Get More Muscle for Less Workout Times

Nutragentex is indispensable for those looking to get the most out of their workout programs. Whether you are a professional athlete or busy executive, getting the most muscle buildup from the hours spent in the gym saves you time and effort. Without an effective supplement, you will waste lots of energy which will negatively impact your motivation.

4. Increase Your Reps For Greater Results

Nutragentex boosts your energy and physical performance, which allows you to engage in more intense workouts without tissue damage, burnout or fatigue. Most bodybuilders have to increase reps slowly as their bodies adjust to more intense workouts. By using Nutragentex, you can shorten this process and move to the next level much faster. This is the best way to achieve greater muscle bulk in a short period.

5. Enhanced Libido

Boosting your testosterone hormone levels has the positive effect of enhancing sexual performance. High levels of the hormone increase sperm count, erectile function, and sexual desire. An improved sexual performance will boost your self-esteem, improve your relationship, and general happiness.

6. Greater Strength And Endurance

As men age, there is a significant decrease in testosterone hormone levels, which leads to lower energy and physical strength. Taking Nutragentex boosts your testosterone levels, allowing you to be more active and slow the effects of aging. You will have greater power to engage in physical activity such as jogging, working out, boating or cycling with your friends and family.

7. Better Immunity

Many of the ingredients contained in Nutragentex boost your immune system. For a serious athlete, the ability to recover from tissue damage and to fend off infection is vital. Nutragentex ensures you have an active immune system that hastens cell recovery and would healing while keeping you free from disease.

8. Greater Bone Density And Health

Nutragentex boosts your bone health by keeping testosterone levels high. Low levels of the hormone lead to osteoporosis, a process that reduces bone density and causes frequent fractures, especially in old age. Elite athletes and bodybuilders need a strong bone structure to support increased muscle mass. This prevents joint and back problems common in bodybuilders with weak bones.

9. Improved Mental Acuity And Focus

Nutragentex improves your mental strength and focus, which can hold back any athlete. Ingredients in the supplement such as Panax Ginseng prevent mental exhaustion and poor focus, giving you the mental strength to overcome the challenges that bodybuilding presents.

10. Safe And Natural Ingredients

It is critical to know what you are taking when it comes to bodybuilding supplements. Nutragentex has clearly outlined the components included in the capsules. As indicated above, Nutragentex is made up of safe and natural ingredients, which are obtained from natural herbs that have been used for centuries. These herbs have been subjected to numerous scientific studies in several countries, which have proven both their effectiveness and safety.

11. GMP Approved Manufacturer

By law, health supplements must be manufactured from the right ingredients. The must also be processed under proper conditions and hygienic standards. Furthermore, the packaging must be robust enough to prevent contamination. Nutragentex is a GMP approved product, which certifies its safety, hygiene, and quality of ingredients. Abiding by GMP standards guarantees the efficacy of Nutragentex.


Testimonials From Nutragentex Users

Many users have significantly benefitted from Nutragentex. It’s efficacy, and proven results have created a loyal following of professional bodybuilders and elite athletes looking for improved performance. Most users report better than expected results after using Nutragentex. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:

Shawn, Bodybuilder

“After extensive research, I have concluded that this is the only supplement that pays attention to post-workout recovery. The rest are all about the pump. As a bodybuilder, I know that muscle growth occurs during the recovery phase, which makes Nutragentex the best supplement for bodybuilders like me.”

John, Power-lifter

“After taking Nutragentex for just two months, I love the way I feel the morning after intense workouts. I never use supplements with methylated or hydrolyzed ingredients. This is the one supplement with the best combination of plant T Boosters I have seen so far.”

David, retail clerk

“I have suffered from low energy and fat due to what doctors say is low testosterone levels. Since I started using Nutragentex four months ago, I have lost 60 pounds and gained more energy. I can now engage in more intense workouts and feel much stronger and well rested every morning.”

Gunnar, power-lifter and student

“I have a very tight budget so I only use supplements that can achieve the desired results. I use Nitric Oxides for my pre-workout, high protein meals and Nutragentex for my recovery. Since I started using this product, I feel energized and not depleted after every workout.”

Why Nutragentex Is Completely Safe

Nutragentex does not contain chemical additives, dangerous preservatives or synthetic ingredients. It is also free from harmful toxins which can cause health problems. In fact, all of these ingredients, such as Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and L-Arginine are popular in numerous other supplements that are widely recommended by health experts.

Additionally, by not containing synthetic boosters, professional bodybuilders and powerlifters can expect no sanctions from governing bodies that test for synthetic supplement use.

Neutragentex Recommended Dosage

Nutragentex comes in a bottle containing 30 capsules which have no flavor and therefore leave no aftertaste when swallowing. The recommended dosage is two capsules taken thirty minutes after each workout.

For best results, consume a strict and healthy diet that is consistent with your bodybuilding requirements. Follow an exercise program suited to your level of expertise and ensure you take your supplement as indicated on the bottle or by your trainer.

Most users of the supplement report improved results after a few weeks of taking Nutragentex. Like any supplement, your performance will improve the longer you take the supplement and train appropriately.

Where To Buy Nutragentex

Nutragentex has proven to be a highly effective muscle growth and performance enhancing supplement. Top athletes and bodybuilders attest to its safety, lack of side effects and visible results. Neutragentex is therefore highly recommended as a natural, safe, and effective bodybuilding supplement with no side effects or any health concerns.

If you are looking for a top bodybuilding supplement to take your muscle growth to the next level, just click the link below to get your supply of Nutragentex today.