Ripped Max Muscle Review – Benefits & Side Effects

Ripped Max Muscle

Ripped Max Muscle is taunted as a 100 percent natural supplement for fitness enthusiasts and body builders that are seeking for solutions to take their bodybuilding to a notch higher. Ripped max muscle is created to help in improving the efficiency of the workout programs so that one gets maximum results from the gym. Body builders take the product just before hitting the gym to maximize its potential in their bodies.

Users start noticing changes in their bodies in terms of increase in body mass after a few weeks of using the supplement. If you are looking for an extra boost in your workout, please read this review and consider if Ripped Max Muscle supplement is good for you to crush your way to strength and increased muscle mass.

Where does Ripped Max Muscle come from?

A company called Bio Muscle manufactures ripped Max Muscle. Most bodybuilders are familiar with the name, as the company has created other bodybuilding supplements such as Bio Muscle XR for a similar purpose.

The head office for the company is St. Petersburg Florida with offices across the United States and Canada. Its products are also available online from many health food sellers. The products have also been featured in several men and fitness magazines in the past.

How does Ripped Max Muscle work?


Ripped Max Muscle is a supplement that is taken before the workout to help maximize the crush and pimp of its users at a workout. The typical dosage of the supplement is their first pill of the day to be taken in the morning, followed by another pill just before the workout and another pill in the evening.

The second, which is taken before a workout, should be taken with lukewarm water for quick absorption.

The evening pill is taken to help with muscle recovery after workout and tedious day. This is because a large part of muscle recovery and growth takes place when we sleep.

The product also works by boosting the Nitric Oxide production in the body of the body builder.
Nitric Oxide is vital in boosting the oxygen flow in the bloodstream and preventing the development of hypoxia. This is how the supplement is able to give the muscle mass a pump.

The ingredients (discussed below) contain amino acids that increase the rate at which the body manufactures proteins.

The product is also effective in fighting a number of other conditions that include male infertility, Intermittent Claudication, and senile dementia. The supplement is also known to boost the release of the growth hormone, insulin, and conversion of the amino acids in the body.

Ensuring high effectiveness of the supplement

To maximize these and other benefits in the body, the users are advised to keep to the guidelines of taking the supplement. First, the supplement should not be mixed with other supplements serving the same goal. This is because there might be one or two ingredients that are similar to the supplements.

Therefore, taking more than one supplement may increase the intake of a certain supplement to higher levels. Moreover, the ingredients in Ripped Max Muscle may work against other ingredients in other supplements. Thus, you might get negative effects in the body rather than an improvement on taking the supplements.

You should also increase your water intake. It is an obvious thing that bodybuilders take lots of water each day. However, Ripped Max Muscle causes increased dehydration. Therefore, you are required to take more water to overcome the dehydrating effects of the supplement.

You should also stick to a balanced diet when taking the supplement. The supplement s supposed to boost what is already happening in the body. However, they cannot take place the place of food. You have to eat a balanced diet in order to have energy and amino acids to build your muscle.

Ingredients that make up Ripped Max Muscle

Sometimes the product seems too good to be true, but it has a proven scientific benefit to the body builders. It is made of a combination of three main ingredients, all natural and highly effective in the body. Here is a detailed review of each ingredient


L-arginine is a basic molecule of Amino acids that is used for building the muscles. The body utilizes the chemical in converting the proteins and building the muscle mass. The ingredient has other benefits that include:

· Helping in the rapid healing of wounds. This helps in healing tears that may have come about as a result of tedious work out in the course of the day.
· It helps the kidneys in the removal of waste products in the body and lowers the risk of kidney disease
· It maintains the hormone function and boosts immunity in the body
· It relaxes the arteries by dilating them. This helps improve blood circulation in the muscles.

It has a number of other benefits to the circulation system. When it is ingested in the body, arginine changes into nitric oxide. The oxide acts as a neurotransmitter that helps improves the blood circulation by relaxing the blood vessels. It also helps in the improvement of such conditions as chest pain, angina, coronary artery disease, and clogged arteries.

Other benefits of the chemical include its ability to improve blood flow in the arteries of the penis thereby helping boost the erectile dysfunction. It is also known to reduce blood pressure, lower instances of leg cramping and deal with leg weakness, a condition known as intermittent claudication.

L-arginine is safe for use with minor side effects apart from slight bloating and abdominal pain. Expectant women can also take the supplements but should first talk to their doctor.


L- Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid. The body is able to synthesize it from a number of proteins that we take in the food.
However, most of the time, it is not synthesized in large quantities. Therefore, people who would like to benefit from it must take some more in the form of food supplements.

L-citrulline is used is the body to improve the aerobic performance of the body builder. It also boosts the production of Nitric Oxide, which is the main gas that is used for the circulation of oxygen in the body. This is how L-citrulline improves that aerobic performance of the body in a workout.

Nitric Oxide, as stated above, helps dilate the body muscles and vein thereby delivering more oxygen to the body. This helps you do bigger pumps, more intense workouts and improves your resistance to muscle inflammation. When the chemical reaches the kidney, it is converted into L-arginine and used for the functions stated above.

L-citrulline is also known to lower blood pressure in individuals that experienced increased blood pressure. Other conditions that the supplement assists in the treatment include celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, and damage done to the bowel due to radiation.
Clinical tests have shown that the chemical is helpful in the prevention and reducing the effects of certain dementias especially the Parkinson’s disease. It also supports the liver for effective performance in the body.

The standard dosage for the chemical is 4gm to 6 gm. However, there are no known effects for taking a higher dose than this. The total daily dosage of L-citrulline in Ripped Max Muscle is within the recommended daily intake.


Creatine is a substance used in high performance exercises by most athletes and sportsmen. It is a natural substance that turns into creatine phosphate in the body.

The creatine phosphate is then used up by the body in the production of adenosine phosphate (ATP). The body provides energy for the contraction of the muscles by using the ATP.

Taking Creatine helps improve the energy levels in the body for effective performance during workouts. Moreover, the chemical helps in the quick recovery of the body after an injury during exercise.

High amounts of ATP are important for the release of a high burst of energy and speed especially when undertaking high-intensity exercises. Endurance is very critical in developing muscle toughness and preventing inflammation.

Ripped Max Muscle contains the right amounts of the Creatine to help in energy production during the workout. Taking the capsule with warm water before a workout helps in rapid absorption and synthesis of ATP for high energy during the workout.

Why is the product safe?

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The product is made from natural foods that have been grown without the use of chemicals. This ensures that supplement is not laced with hormones and chemicals that may affect its effectiveness or cause negative reactions to the body.

The company also maintains a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in the production of the supplement. It has been awarded a certificate for good production practices as explained below.

There are no other ingredients in the product apart from those that are on the label. There are no preservatives and filler products that may have an effect on the body or react with other natural body chemicals. The natural ingredients are found in the body in trace amounts.

How long will it take before you get the results?

On average most of the people see positive results by the third week of taking the supplement. You must ensure that you follow the dosage recommendations as well as dietary and workout plans for the supplement to be effective on your body.
However, do not take a higher dose than expected in the name of trying to get better results high dosage of the ingredients is harmful to your health.

Bio Muscle has been awarded a certificate for Good Manufacturing Place. This is a seal that is awarded to organizations whose products are consistent in terms of quality with each batch that comes out of their production line.
This gives you the confidence that the product will not have any other ingredients that are not on the label. It is categorized under pre-workout testosterone booster category.



Ripped Max Muscle collect stories from the professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Those who have used the product rave about the great good effects of the supplement to the new workout enthusiasts. Here are some of the testimonials.

Jimie Moffat, NJ

“I was blessed with the height. Unfortunately, I lack muscle. This makes me look very thin and taller than my actual height.”
“I had tried to work out in the past, but powerlifting gave me extra fat that was not better for my muscle-less body. Fortunately, with the Ripped Max Muscle, I can have the body that I have always wanted and still hit the gym to stay healthy.”

Jeremy Darwin, Quebec

“I am a workout enthusiast that has been hitting the gym for a long period. However, I have been worried by the sudden increase of the muscles when I use supplements”

“This is one of the reasons why I stayed away from most of the supplements in the market. I did not want some temporary muscles. “

“However, Ripped Max has helped me lose unwanted fat especially on my thighs and grow lean muscles that are not affected by the reduction of my workout intensity. I would recommend Ripped Max Muscle to anyone who would like to grow some muscle without using the bad steroids that most body builders are using today.”

Moses Moss, Florida
I have always been energy less by the time I hit the gym. This makes me collapse before I have had some really great workout. A friend recommended that I try Ripped Max Muscle before hitting the gym.”

“Ever since I started using the supplement, I have been feeling energetic even with strenuous aerobics and weight lifting. If you feel the same during your workout, give Ripped Max Muscle a try”.

Where can you purchase the product?

The product is available for purchase in a number of health and fitness stores around the world. You can also buy the product online at Amazon, online fitness stores, and Bio Muscle Company.

You can try the free trial offered from time to time to take advantage of the company offer. There is nothing you stand to lose ordering today as the company offers a money back guarantee no questions asked. Order with confidence and get a full refund just in case you’re not happy with the product.