Somatodrol ( SomaPro ) Comprar , funciona

Somatrodol is a
natural muscle growth food supplement. Soma
Pro is a proprietary formulation of it. It contains ingredients that
enhance the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone and HGH( Human
Growth Hormone).

The male body develops
muscle naturally and most men’s bodies are quite capable of producing enough of
the hormones and enzymes that contribute to this function.

Athletes in particular
often need to supplement their normal body muscle mass in order to compete at
the highest levels. The rewards for achieving greatness in sport are huge and
so the necessity to improve the stamina and strength of body is becoming overwhelming.

World athletic
governing bodies have banned the ingestion of testosterone for performance
enhancing purposes.

Brazil is a
country that is proud of its athletic heritage. It is also proud of the fact
that it both condones and supports the efforts of the world athletic governing
organizations to ban the use of steroids in athletics and to severely punish
those who do. Pharmaceutical companies in Brazil have formulated a food
supplement that enhances the production of testosterone in the body.Former versions
of performance enhancing drugs were called anabolic steroids, and these had an
injurious effect upon the male reproduction system and could easily cause permanent
impotence. One of the benefits of modern testosterone and the food supplements
that enhance the natural production of it is that it enhances sex drive and
leads to prolonged erections.

So, there are
now two ambitions for men to aim at. The ability to perform on the track, and
the ability to perform in bed. This just doubled or even quadrupled the market
for testosterone and also an increased the number of men willing to take the

Testosterone in
itself is not a banned or Class A, B, or C drug. It is readily available for
the treatment of late puberty in boys and impotence in men. It is also used in
women when breast cancer has spread to other organs of the body. Testosterone in very small amounts is also produced
in the adrenal glands and the ovaries of women. Physicians do not recommend it
for the enhancement of athletic performance but it is acknowledged that it does
promote muscle growth and increase muscle mass.

The fact that
the penalties for using testosterone are so draconian, the production of a
natural food supplement by the Brazilian pharmacologists a very interesting
proposition. If the supplement can lift the level of testosterone in the body without
triggering a dirty blood test result then athletes all over the world can jump
for joy. Your local bedroom cowboys would not have to seek out painful
injections in order to enjoy their weekend of lust. Testosterone injections are
done into the muscle just like pneumonia and typhoid injections are. Very sore
for two to three days.

Let us take at
the ingredients that are in Soma Pro and then discuss the sources of those
ingredients and the efficacy of the total package. The active constituents of
Soma Pro are zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

Zinc is a trace
element in the human body. The body does not naturally store zinc so it must be
supplied in the diet. Zinc is required for many processes in the body. It is
important in the biology of the cell’s metabolism and it assists in cell
splitting. This is essential for normal human development. The process of
protein synthesis is what drives the body to produce muscle, bone, and
connective tissue. The body uses naturally produced testosterone as a catalyst
in this process. This is one of the reasons testosterone is so easy to detect. Catalysts
do not break down, they remain intact. There are many natural sources of zinc. Some
of these sources are animal such as red meat, seafood, and poultry, whilst
others are vegetable such as pulses, whole grain bread, and nuts. The vegetable
sources are not as good a source of zinc as the animal ones are because of the
presence of substances called phytates which inhibit the ability of the body to
absorb zinc. In the Western world, the majority of the zinc intake is supplied
by meat such as beef and pork.

Unlike zinc,
magnesium is an abundant element in the human body. It contributes to a vast number
of essential processes including natural anti-oxidants. It also is important in
protein synthesis along with magnesium. These elements both assist in the production
of bodily testosterone. Just as with zinc, there would e many collateral
benefits associated with the ingestion of magnesium supplements even though
there is an abundance of natural magnesium sources. The richest sources of
magnesium are the foods that deliver high quantities of dietary fiber. Modern
food processing techniques substantially lower the amount of magnesium in sources
that would normally be fairly rich in it.

Vitamin is an abbreviation
of the words “vital mineral”. And yes, therefore the American pronunciation is
correct. Vitamins of the B group are among the most complex of vitamins, both
in form and in effect. The Vitamin B in Soma Pro is vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 or,
or pyridoxine, to give it its organic name is a very important factor in cell
metabolism. It acts to convert chemical energy ( sugars and the like)to useable
energy such as heat and kinetic energy. It is also an agent in the formation of
bones, muscle and connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments. B vitamins
have effects all over the human metabolism and B6 is no exception. The most critical
area of the effects of this vitamin is actually the immune system.

It certainly has
functions in and around protein synthesis and the inclusion of it in a muscle
building supplement would be no surprise, but the effects would be collateral
benefits. But they would still be benefits.

The current
label does not specify the specific source of the active agents in Soma Pro
they are quite likely to be trade secrets but there is no lack of suitable
candidates in the plant kingdom. It is unlikely that the preparation contains
any meat products for marketing reasons more than anything else.

There are, of course,
the normal caveats associated with all products of this type. It should always
be kept away from children and vulnerable adults. This supplement is not a drug
but can have serious interactions with some classes of drugs. People who are
taking medication should always take professional medical advice before
adopting the use of this, or any other food supplement.