Testo XL Review – Testosterone Boosting Supplement

Testo XL

Testo XL offers the same promises as other prominent testosterone boosters. Its main promise is to increase the testosterone levels in your body to not only enable you build lean muscle but also burn away fat and help take your sex life to an overdrive.

But Testo XL isn’t the first testosterone booster to make these bold promises. So is it any different and should you care to give it a try?
Well, for starters, Testo XL is a US-manufactured product, which means that, unlike other products in the market manufactured mainly in Asia, it faces a higher threshold of regulatory standards.

Another thing you need to know right from the outset is that all the ingredients used to make Testo XL have been clinically proven to increase the body’s count of testosterone. Even better, Testo XL uses all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Some of the ingredients are fenugreek, vitamin B6 as well as a host of other herbal formulas.In this comprehensive Testo XL review, we go out of the way to tell you everything you need to know about this top testosterone booster. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Testo XL?

Like the name suggests, Testo XL is a supplement designed to help your body boosts its level of testosterone. Available in the form of a pill, Testo XL is made from 5 natural ingredients that have been proven to have testosterone boosting abilities. We’ll discuss them later in the review.

Testosterone is a very important hormone in the male person’s body. The hormone is responsible for a wide range of psychological effects, right from how we concentrate to our erection.Most men experience a sharp decline of this hormone during their 30s and 40s, and the reduction continues with age. The result of the decline is associated with a host of symptoms like feeling of weakness, reduced energy, body fat gain, sexual dysfunction and difficulty sleeping.

None of these symptoms is good, right? The main purpose of Testo XL is to raise the level of T hormones back to where they were when you were 25.

How Does Testo XL Work?

Testo XL works in a very simple yet scientific process. One of the most important roles of the testosterone hormone is to help the body to create lean muscle as a result of protein synthesis. However, as we get older, the testosterone production rate drops. The work of Testo XL is to help your body produce as much testosterone as you used to produce when you were young. Thus, you are able to operate the same way you did when you were at your peak.

The end result is that you’ll have a much leaner body that’s ripped through using the Testo XL supplement together with a workout routine and great diet. The amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine help in the secretion of more insulin into the bloodstream, something that is very important for protein retention. Your body will require these amino acids to initiate the process of protein building which is key to increasing muscle growth and at the same time helping in recovery. Here is how the body is affected by these amino acids.


This hormone plays a crucial role in helping maintain your muscle as it prevents too much breakdown of your muscle tissues. Oftentimes, the body breaks down the tissues too much either running or working out. This is not good since it also eats into your body’s muscle production. Instead of burning fat, your body ends up burning the all-important muscle. This is totally unacceptable.


This amino acid is important it’s a natural energy booster and also helps prevent fatigue when you are working out. Stamina is very important as it is what helps you to last the haul during workouts. Good levels of energy before, during and after workout sessions will enable you easily sustain intense training as well as muscle recovery after. Another thing is that you won’t be so susceptible to muscle fatigue, something that encourages faster rebuilding.


This works well to help your body repair muscle tissues. In case you realize that it’s more difficult to heavy-lift days following a workout, this is because of extreme fatigue. Because your body plateaus overtime, it’s difficult for your body to acquire more muscle as you are actually burning through it. For this reason, it’s important to have a system that helps your body grow muscles consistently.

What are the key ingredients of Testo XL?

What makes Testo XL so effective are the ingredients of which it is made. In this section, we singularly explore these ingredients, telling you how they contribute to your improved sexual health and better physique.

• Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is a natural formula for improving the level of testosterone in the body and it has for long had a reputation of being an excellent aphrodisiac. It works by heightening the luteinizing hormone (LH) which stimulates the body to raise the production of this important hormone.

• Damiana Extract
Damiana extract, whose other name is Turnera Diffusa, is also an aphrodisiac that helps to improve your body’s energy. Apart from a spurt in your stamina, this important ingredient provides heightened sexual libido and also relieves you of impotence and depression. It has a connection with the Mayan and Aztec civilization’s medicine systems.

• Fenugreek Extract
Of all the ingredients used to make Testo XL, fenugreek is the most studied in terms of aphrodisiac abilities. The herb has a high quantity of Frustanolic Saponins. Derived from the herbal plants, the saponins lead to amazing improvement of testosterone production in your body. Normal dosage of this ingredient will stop the decline of testosterone production by your body and also boost your sexual performance while giving you a great athletic appearance.

• Rhodiola Extract
The Rhodiola extract has long been used by people of Eastern Europe to deal with cold temperatures due to the fact that it is an adaptogenic herb. The work of this ingredient is to enable your body rapidly adapt to physical stress. Rhodiola extract also heightens cognitive function, enables abundant energy and leads to testosterone development.

• Vitamin b6
Vitamin B6 belongs to a group of B-complex vitamins that initiate direct boost in androgen production. Stimulation of androgen automatically leads to increased levels of testosterone.

Benefits of Testos XL

What are the Benefits of Testo XL?

Testo XL is an excellent supplement with lots of elements. All these work to give you heightened levels of testosterone. The good thing with Testo XL is that it’s safe and there are no dreadful side effects. Here are some of the benefits of this supplement.

1. Increase in testosterone and energy levels

This allows you to have stamina that can last you throughout an intense workout. Many athletes like rugby players and bodybuilders have realized the incredible energy that they get from 30 minutes of taking the supplement. They have noticed after a few weeks that they are able to last hours on end in any activity they are engaged in. while the increase in stamina may not necessarily indicate an increase in the strength levels, heightened T-levels do help people last more during the workouts, something that’s a byproduct of accumulating strength.

2. Endurance and strength

Endurance and strength are some of the reason why some people choose Testo XL. You need both for your workout because after subjecting your body to stress as a result of weightlifting, it is only natural that it feels fatigued. Many athletes have resorted to using this extract to improve training and performance sessions.

3. Stress reliever

Another notable benefit derived from using Testo XL is stress relief. Not only does stress change mood but it also affects the body in a negative way by forming toxins. You will work out much more effectively because your muscles are much more relaxed. Reduced stress also translates to better sleep at night, something that helps your muscles grow better.

4. Symmetrical body

To most people, the number one aim of working out is having a symmetrical and athletic body. No one wants to look like a caricature with a massive upper body and comparably smaller lower torso. The T-level distribution in Testo XL helps you form muscle in a balanced way in your upper and lower body. This way, you end up with much better physique, and you will also realize that your body is able to adapt better to various workouts.

5. Fiber content

The Testo XL supplement is packed with lots of fibers. Although this may not be advantageous insofar as gaining mass is concerned, it will help you attain leaner muscle. This is ideal if you want to cut before a big competition such as modeling or bodybuilding. The supplement plays important roles in helping you not only get lean muscle but also enhance the look of your body with true muscle tone. Apart from helping to increase your energy levels, Testo XL also relaxes your body. This combination will enable you to really concentrate on your training at optimum levels.

Having peace of mind is important for intense activity since you need to perfect mind frame for you to commit fully to the cause. The body will follow once your mind is focused. As a result of increased energy levels got from the supplement, you can now endure more complex and longer workout programs which help continue challenging your body. The Testo XL supplement also regulates pyridoxine in the liver to synthesize enzymes from fat and protein metabolism.Your body requires optimum levels of B6 vitamin to help it manufacture more nonessential amino acids by itself, something that Testo XL can help with.

6. Fat burning for lean muscle

This is crucial because the body needs to absorb protein and at the same time keep up it metabolism to enable it burn excess fat. Although some fat is required for survival, having a stockpile of stored fats won’t help you because the fat lingers in your body. You want to be sure that you will continue burning fat even after 48 hours of working out.

It helps put your body in constant fat-burning mode which helps you realize results much faster, and the supplement can also focus on developing more lean muscle. Testosterone XL contains an essential element that helps you realize results faster. This is what catalyzes your body to secrete more amino acids by its own.

As you can see, all these factors play a crucial role in creating a fit body. Through speeding up muscle mass building process, you will be able to release more proteins in the body. This pill contains ingredient that helps to make protein formation more prevalent.

It’s critical that protein formation takes place faster because it will allow you to be more active. The obvious advantage of increasing your energy is that it enables you to get much more from your workout and build stamina which lasts for severe lifting sessions.

While muscle fibers are required to break down so as to allow for growth, this will not happen overnight. It helps the body to have an element that not only strengthens the muscle but also decreases muscle mass loss. You will realize that you have much quicker recovery times to get the all-important muscle repairs and resume performing optimally. If you are a bodybuilder, you need a recovery boost as there is no much time between competitions. In the absence of a supplement that helps your body maintain the intensity, it can take a huge toll on your body.

You will realize more definition through getting leaner and reducing your BMI level. Testo XL helps you pack on muscle mass and at the same time enables your body to rip those fats into shreds. You will realize more throughout the week as you boost stamina and go through more rigorous exercises.

The Testo XL covers the base so as to enable premium muscle growth and general muscle stability. Use Testo XL together with your diet and workout for maximum results. While the supplement helps you attain your goal faster, it is worth noting that you will still have to do a lot of work to ensure that your body stays healthy.

Other benefits include

• Fights fatigue and boosts the mental and physical energy of a user
• It helps you boost muscularity
• Burns away fat and helps to supercharge your metabolism
• Reinvigorates your sexual health, reduces sexual dysfunction and increases virility
• Enhances focus, cognition and memory
• Speeds up recovery of muscle after intense workouts


Testo XL has so many online reviews and all of them point to the fact that it is a supplement worth giving a shot. In this section, we pick a few testimonials to let you in on what others are saying about it. Here are some of them.

“I have been using Testo XL for some time now and I have to admit that it’s really changed both how I go about my workout sessions and my appearance. I am able to lift harder and longer compared to what I managed just a couple of months ago. After a long time, I am getting cut and even my lady friends have noticed it. My self-confidence has also shot through the roof, and I feel really amazing.” Mike Riley, workout enthusiast, Oregon.

“The best thing I have realized since I started using this supplement is unmatched energy boost. I stack Testo XL with another supplement before working out, and I am able to swagger through without even noticing that time has flown by. The product really helps me to get in the zone. Before I started using Testo XL, I could get sore for days on end after a really intense workout. But this is not anymore. I do recommend it for sure.”
Adrian Marlon, fitness trainer, Bangor, ME,US

“I started realizing that I was no longer able to lift as much as I did after I reached my 40s. in addition, the cramping that followed an intense workout was juts unbearable. This restricted me to working just once or maximum twice a week. A friend recommended Testo XL and I have to admit that it’s really helped me. My strength is not only back up, but I also don’t feel half as fatigued and sore as I did without using it. Also, I can work out 4 times a week now. Testo XL is definitely worth a try.”
Samuel Frederick, Banker, Las Vegas

“After being recommended by a friend, I signed up to the trial version seeing that there was very little to use. Until then, there is nothing I hadn’t tried in my effort to lose weight and build my muscle. But once I tried this, I started realizing breakthroughs at the gym. I was able to perform more dead lifts and I could also bench more. More importantly, I wasn’t sore after a workout. I will continue to use Testo XL for the long haul.”
Roderick Marshall, Graphic artist, Plainview

How long to expect results

Testo XL works pretty fast. If you stick to the right dosing instructions as outlined on the product package, you should start seeing tangible results in only a matter of days. You will notice increased endurance at the gym, better sleep pattern and an overall healthy life among other changes.

Dosage instructions

Testo XL supplement is available in capsule form. One bottle contains 60 capsules. The dosage instructions are that you take two capsules per serving, which is good for someone who dislikes taking pills. Some supplements will require you to take up to 4 capsules.
The manufacturers of Testo XL say that you should begin to notice some effects within a day or two of starting the dose. You should feel enhanced muscle growth as well as improvement in your sexual performance.

Owing to the ZMA combination, you should also see much more improved quality. Better quality of sleep is important in superior recovery ability from intense workouts, which means further progress too.Also, enhanced sleep quality leads to improved release of growth hormone during your sleep. The deeper and better quality sleep you have, the higher the spurt in HGH.
Better sleep also enhances insulin sensitivity. High insulin sensitivity increases your chances of gaining muscle as opposed to body fat even if you are consuming higher calories.
Any man would benefit from zinc supplementation as he loses them every time he orgasms. The Testo XL is therefore very important in replenishing the lost nutrient.

Why is Testo XL Safe?

When it comes to testosterone supplements, safety is just as important as effectiveness. There is no point buying a highly effective supplement yet it has deadly side effects. The safety, or lack of it, of a supplement is down to the ingredients used. If it uses artificial fillers and chemicals, it is likely to impact negatively on your body.

Testo XL is safe mainly because of the fact that it uses all-natural ingredients. These don’t have any side effects and can be used even without prescription. The ingredients help boost testosterone production in your body, increase your sexual performance, they also increase stamina that’s needed to endure long workout sessions without feeling fatigued and help improve your energy levels.

Where to buy Testo XL supplement

Testo XL isn’t a supplement you will walk into a drugstore and buy over the counter. The product is available on a few online stores such as Amazon and the official manufacturer website.
It is probably best to buy it straight from the manufacturer website as you stand to take advantage of offers and bonuses. Also, all your questions will be answered here.

Another reputable online store to buy Testo XL is Amazon. Here, you can be guaranteed to find the supplement not only the original form of it but also in cheaper price.

Avoid buying the product from random online stores as you could very easily be sold counterfeit products that don’t live to the billing. If you want original product that will work for you, you must buy from a reputable store which is the manufacturer website and Amazon.

Based on research, our own test and multiple reviews from the internet, our advice is that you should give Testo XL a try. We are convinced it will work for you. The product actually works as advertised, and is unlike many supplements we have reviewed here. In addition, it comes with a 14-day trial period within which you use it free of charge. You only pay for it after these days have elapsed and when you are sure that it delivers.
Final Word

The Testo XL testosterone booster is one of the few ways of boosting your testosterone levels naturally. Declining levels have a lot of negative effects on workout, fat burning and even on your sex life. Testo XL will help you replenish your stock of this important hormone giving you the vitality you had in your youthful years. It is very safe to use, given that it’s made of all-natural ingredients. a random check on the internet reveals that many people who have actually used it have only kind words to say. Going by these positive reviews, it is safe to say that Testo-X indeed works.